House Sitter   James Baker

House Sitter James Baker

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Location:   Mundelein, Illinois

Experience:   5 yr 1 mo

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About James Baker:

Hello! I'm Jim, my wife Ann is a very successful real estate agent and broker; and we have two adopted daughters, ages 12 and 10.  My current "profession" includes: stay-at-home dad, cook, housecleaning, home repairs and rehab, landscaper, wrangler of two golden doodles, and admin asst. for wife's business. My business background includes working in Human Resources and HR Consulting, at companies such as Herman Miller, Inc., Goldman Sachs, and ATT.

Qualifications:  I look at house sitting as a kind of "public and personal trust": it's a combination of: 1) Consideration for other's property, 2) Ability to manage real estate - whether a physical building or property;  show special consideration of an owner's personal items; have experience, empathy, and a positive strength in dealing with all kinds of pets and/or farm animals. 
I have  experience in building, renovating, and maintaining the various homes I have owned. The value of each these properties ranged from $250k to $1.2m.  I was also an Owner/Manager of multiple investment properties in 4 different states, including a 4-unit apartment building.

I grew up in a small Ohio community, where I learned hard work, how to use most any tool, drive tractors and trucks, feed livestock, always had lots of pets...such as dogs, cats, ducks, hamsters, and 99 rabbits.  I've bailed hay, dug ditches, managed different types of pools, updated decks and patios.

I would consider myself "near-expert" in DIY skills, which include: interior/exterior painting, finish carpentry, plumbing, electrical installations, appliance installation, very clever at fixing most anything.

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Madeline Klinger

Acquaintance in Tampa, Florida

I was actually a tenant in a 4-unit apartment building owned by Mr. Baker. He was very attentive to most requests that I had - including allowing me to paint my apt! As he is really good with tools, he was able to repair most issues pretty quickly, versus waiting for a service company to arrive. Perhaps equally important was his concern for my dog,which has some special needs. Mr. Baker was able to make a better life for my dog, yet not distract the other tenants. And he's just a really nice guy...and asked me to say that! LOL

Date of Service Mar 1, 2016