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House Sitter Heidi Heyns

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Location:   Dorset, Vermont

Experience:   6 yr 1 mo

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About Heidi Heyns:

 Jeff - California
  •  Sep 2021 - 2 weeks
Heidi was a fantastic house sitter. She sat at our house in Socal for 2 weeks and took really good care of our boys (dogs 2) and our house. She communicated quite often and sent of video clips of you boys daily. We couldn't be happier and strongly recommend her for your sitting needs. We'd surely hire her again.

1.  Diane - Dover, United Kingdom

5 - 16 Dec 2019

Heidi did an excellent job of looking after our home and our 3 dogs . . we were happy to go away and not worry about them while we were on holiday . She kept us updated with messages and videos . A great communicator with a very pleasant disposition , and a great zest for life.

Happy to recommend her.

2.  Kimberly - Portland, Oregon, United States

30 Sep - 6 Oct 2019

Heidi was an exceptional housesitter.  Her communication with us regarding the house and our pets was great and we received photos of our fur babies multiple times a day.  We returned to a clean home with well-cared for pets.  They obviously bonded with Heidi.

3.  Richard - Sacramento, California, United States

21 Nov - 2 Dec 2019

Heidi was a wonderful sitter - that is probably not the right word, caring companion for our two senior rescue Labradoodles who definitely are anxious about being left alone. She communicated regularly both before and during the stay and the house was perfect on our return. She was easy to share space with - and arrived at an agreed early date to become familiar with our home and pups before we left. We would welcome her back when our travel calendars are in sync.

4. Maria - Holliston, Massachusetts, United States

6 - 8 Aug 2019

Heidi was an amazing sitter for us. She was kind, flexible and full of life! Heidi sent lots of messages and was always there when we asked her a question. When we got home she had left of several treats which we loved. It was a wonderful experience to have Heidi in our home taking care of our three doggies. We would highly recommend her as a pet sitter!

4.  By Aurore V., on 


Seurre, France 

1ère experience Nomador pour nous, nous avons rencontré Heidi, une femme merveilleuse, pleine d’amour et de respect. 

Nous sommes partis en toute confiance, Heidi nous a envoyé des nouvelles de nos 2 chiens très régulièrement, photos et vidéos. 

Heidi a pris soin de nos chiens avec un très grand amour, et nos chiens lui ont bien rendu. Nous avons retrouvé nos chiens en pleine forme, physique et psychologique, Heidi a su combler tout leurs besoins. 

Nous somme tellement heureux de cette expérience et d’avoir rencontré Heidi. Heidi est une personne exceptionnelle, que je ne peux que vous conseiller de rencontrer, de connaître.

Elle est attentionnée, bienveillante, respectueuse et aimante. 

Merci infiniment !!!!!

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: 1st Nomador experience for us, we met Heidi, a wonderful woman, full of love and respect.

 We left with confidence, Heidi sent us news of our 2 dogs very regularly, photos and videos.

 Heidi took care of our dogs with great love, and our dogs gave her back.  We found our dogs in great shape, physical and psychological, Heidi was able to meet all their needs.

 We are so happy to have this experience and to have met Heidi.  Heidi is an exceptional person, whom I can only advise you to meet, to know.

 She is caring, caring, respectful and loving.

 Thank you so much !!!!! 

JULY 12, 2019 UPDATE

(Links to Testimonials follows) 

Life has changed for me, as of 8 days ago.. My closest companion of the last 14 years, Shadow, had to be put down on the Fourth of July. 

Shadow was as loyal as a dog, but lived in the body of a feisty feline. He came to me at two years old when the couple who'd raised him feared his agressive need for attention might end up causing an issue with their coming baby. 

I could never comprehend that behavior in humans, but as I got to know Shadow, I began to see that they might have been right. It became a regular ritual of ownership, his over me, of course, that each day or two he'd have to climb up to my shoulders and lick my ears. Claim me. Make sure I know that I am his. And, presumably, let all other males in my vicinity know that this person belongs to him. 

SHadow was with me through thick and thin, including through and beyond Hurricane Katrina. We moved a total of 21 times in the 14 short years we shared, most of them coming in the recovery time after the storm, when nothing was secure. 

Not to go on too long here, as you can imagine, caring for animals would relieve my deep (shockingly so) sense of loss and loneliness for Shadow. Cats, of course, and prior to Shadow's coming I would have claimed that I was a Dog Person. Now, I think, I would call myself simply an Animal Person. 

I love dogs, all sizes (I used to also exclusively love ONLY BIG DOGS...but no longer! Now, I've been a caregiver for Chihuahuas and Malteses, Shih Tzus and Poms...along with the usual suspects, Golden Retrievers, Bloodhounds, Great Danes, Black Labradors, Bouvier des Flandres, Saint Bernards, Irish Wolfhounds, Standard Poodles, Irish Water Spaniels and Giant Schnauzers. 

I"ve also worked quite a bit with horses. I worked at a leading Arabian Horse Farm in Louisiana in the 90s, where I was in charge of halter-breaking all of the colts as well as feeding, walking and exercising two stud stallions and two mares. 

Throughout the 80s, 90s and beyond I have, at times, worked as a Western seat riding instructor, wrangler, trail guide and farrier, so you could say I'm fairly comfortable with the equine species. 

I've had as my own or lived in close proximity with guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters and mice, ducks, chickens, geese, snakes, parrots, cockatoos, cockatiels, parakeets, ferrets, goats, sheep, and cattle. 

Outside of having my own lovely amazing creatures, I've often cared for those belonging to many others, as listed above.  My radius expands always, to include these creatures in my loving embrace and care. 

I would be deeply honored should you choose me to care for your beloved creatures, and my heart would beat so gladly to be chosen from among many great potential carers, to be yours. 



Hello and thank you for taking a peek at my brand new profile!

I'm Heidi and I am SO GRATEFUL, APPRECIATIVE to have lived a wildly varied life of great adventure! I have crossed the Atlantic on a 66ft sailboat through a tropical depression! I have lived in the Azores and Hong Kong, The Caribbean and a number of cities in the US. I LOVE people and I love to travel.

Teaching Laughter Yoga to hundreds of people has brought me the greatest joy, as yet, though! And I plan to incorporate that with all the modalities of personal development that I have studied in my 'wildly varied' life!

Caring for and teaching Laughter Yoga and other activities to the elderly has brought me some of the deepest fulfilment of my life. 

Teaching horseback riding to Girl Scouts in Texas and Louisiana and to a mixed income camp comprised of upper class Manhattan children and inner-city Kids at a Camp in Maine are among the most delightful and fulfilling work with children that I have done.

I have had house-sitting opportunities around the globe, including a beautiful condo in Tai Tam, Hong Kong for a realtor friend in the city...I cared for his pampered kitties who were absolutely well as homes in New Orleans, one with a wonderful Bouvier des Flandres dog for the headmaster at a private academy and his wife as well as another for a couple who have long been friends of mine. 

I've also lived aboard a houseboat in Sausalito on a three-year housesit, taking care of my friend, Puff the Magic Cat. . I also managed the rental on the back of the houseboat.

I took care of house and Dogsitting for  Lucky the hound dog in Mill Valley, Ca on two occasions! What a pleasure Lucky dog was...he was up there in years but BOY! did he LOVE taking a drive in the SUV and going up Tam mountain for a run-around!!

I also took care of an Appaloosa Horse Farm in Natchitoches, giving the horses their proper feed and medication while the owner and his wife took their lead mare to a show in Texas

With my background in horses through professional experience, I am happy to care for my equine friends and quite good with them! (even if I do say so myself)

Dogs, Cats, Birds, Lizards, Chickens, Gerbils, hamsters, pigs, calves and cattle and B&B Guests! ..I've pretty much taken care of them all at one time or another and would LOVE to give your guests, be they four or two-legged animals the love they deserve while you are away!

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Sitter does not respond to msgs or personal emails not reliable... do not recommend

Reviewed Jan 20, 2017 by homeowner in New Orleans, Louisiana

References 8

Lee Kleineke

Homeowner in Mill Valley, California

Heidi sat for our old hound dog, Lucky dog at our home in Mill Valley whenever my wife and I went away on vacation.

Date of Service Aug 12, 2017

Lindy Brownman

Homeowner in Mandeville, Louisiana

Heidi sat for our two dogs and cared for their feeding and treats for two weeks or maybe only three days quite frequently.

Date of Service Mar 1, 2017

Katie & Julien Bull

Homeowner in New Orleans, Louisiana

Although my wife and I have forgotten the exact dates, Heidi stayed with our enormous Bouvier for two weeks more than once in New Orleans. She was such a pleasure! She is completely dependable.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017

Ruth Holman

Homeowner in Sausalito, California

Heidi served for three years as caretaker and housesitter for our cat, Puff, aboard our Sausalito houseboat from 1997 to 2001 We trusted her entirely with our cat and our houseboat. She is and was completely affectionate and caring with our cat, and conscientious, trustworthy and dependable with our floating home

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017

Bob And Cass Neuman

Homeowner in Natchitoches, Louisiana

From May 2008 to October 2008, Heidi was a guest at our horse farm. Whenever we left, we left her entirely in charge of the horses and the barn...all of their medication, feeding, grooming and stall maintenance and care. We were completely confident in her abilities and she never let us down.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017

Jan G. Heyns

Homeowner in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

for several months, while I was traveling, she helped the maid to keep the house safe.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017

Marty Kaye

Homeowner in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Heidi loved and cared my kitties and my condo in Tai Tam, Hong Kong while was away for three months. I think they would have preferred I stay away.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017

Milena Rimassa-merrill

Acquaintance in Mandeville, Louisiana

from 2006 to 20011, anytime When Milena was traveling, I took care of her home and her various pets as well as her teenage daughter on occasion.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2013