House Sitter   Monica Shirk

House Sitter Monica Shirk

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Location:   University Park, Florida

Age:   46

Experience:   5 yr 8 mo

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About Monica Shirk:


I am a 45 year old registered nurse, English teacher, pet/housesitter whom you can trust your most precious belongings to whether it be your home and nurtured plants or your beloved pets.  I was a home owner for 10 years and have experience with pools and hot tubs.  Many animals have been a part of my life. Starting in 2015 I traveled between the US and Europe with my two little Brussels Griffons.  Sadly, Brandy died at 13 in May 2019 and Itsy died in November of 2019.  It was a brutal year.  I miss them every day.  This is one reason I am pet sitting. It's the first time in my life I haven't had a pet of some sort.   I have owned/cared for cats, dogs, raccoons, a skunk, snakes from babies to 100 lbs, a pot bellied pig, bearded dragons, chameleons, rabbits, rats, mice, freshwater fish, turtles, a tortoise, and multiple species of birds from finches to macaws. I do not have experience caring for farm animals but I'd love the opportunity, especially horses!  

While I am a resident of Florida, I am now traveling the world.  I hope to meet you in some new and exciting place!

I am a neat, clean, and respectful house guest.  I enjoy cooking, baking, photography, travel (obviously), and the wind in my hair on a Vespa. 

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