House Sitter   Nissa Seych

House Sitter Nissa Seych

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Location:   Rosemere, Canada

Age:   29

Experience:   6 yr 3 mo

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About Nissa Seych:


My name is Nissa.I am a 25 year old female that enjoys travelling.I work at the airport for an airline company such as Air canada as a Passenger service agent,so I'm pretty much use to being in contact with people from all over the world.Lately I've been travelling
Alot due to the fact that i'm networking alot with people in the music industry as a writer/lyricist.
So I do tend to travel down to newyork since it's a great city for everything that surrounds  the entertainement industry..I've also had the chance to rent out homes on  in manhattan ,brooklyn,miami wich still required  me to take care of the owners property by respect.And i've also had the chance to home sit properties in Montreal ,Canada were I am originaly from .And also home sit in Brooklyn this year near prospect
Park.So I do have experience in home sitting and I am a trust worthy person.I have a dog back home,So  I have the knowledge required to take care and love your pets.If you wish to know more about me.
Please feel free to ask and don't be shy.
Hopefuly we meet in a  near futur.

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References 2

Gerty DelicÚ

Homeowner in Brooklyn, New York

Stayed at this location in flatbush from the 10th to the 23rd of may 2014.
Only one cat needed to be fed and taken care of.While keeping the home
Clean and exactly the way the owner had left it.
It was a great positive experience.

Date of Service May 10, 2014

Edwige Paul

Homeowner in Montreal, Canada

I had a chance to home sit a beautiful home in the area of St-leonard in Montreal ,for about 10
Days.If more info is needed please feel free to ask.

Date of Service Jun 2, 2013