House Sitter   Anna Elkins

House Sitter Anna Elkins

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Location:   Jacksonville, Oregon

Age:   43

Experience:   5 yr 9 mo

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About Anna Elkins:

I am a writer and painter. In the dozen years since earning my Master of Fine Arts in creative writing, Ive composed poetry on a Fulbright Fellowship in Germany, ghostwritten fiction in Spain, edited theology in Switzerland, taught literature and art on a distant island in Micronesia, and have recently been exploring prophetic writing and painting here on the mainland. Ive published writings and exhibited art all along the way. My writing desk and easel are now to be found in the mythical State of Jefferson, but I love to travel, and I enjoy extended "writing retreats" in locations near and far. Since I believe that our atmospheres effect us, I prefer to housesit nice, clean homes that are well loved by their owners. (And, for work, I do need reliable WiFi internet access and good reading light.)

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Anna was a delight to have staying in our home. She took beautiful care of our 4 cats, 3 dogs, 2 rabbits, as well as our home! She gets 5 stars and we would highly recommend her! She is a wonderful person who will take care of your home as her own. We feel so lucky to have found her.

Reviewed Jan 18, 2016 by homeowner in Talent, Oregon

References 7

Susan P.

Homeowner in Talent, Oregon

"Thank you so much for all of your help....very much appreciated"

Date of Service Sep 12, 2015

Jenni P.

Homeowner in Talent, Oregon

You have spoiled us! You have raised the bar for housesitting. Thank you for cleaning out the wood stove and for leaving such a clean house for us. You should start The Anna Elkins School of housesitters and train add this to all the other wonderful things you do.

Date of Service Dec 27, 2014

Christer C.

Homeowner in Ashland, Oregon

"You are always welcome here."

[A custom-built PlusPower home, a showcase for eco building]

Date of Service Jun 20, 2014

Krissy M.

Homeowner in Medford, Oregon

"You are our angel."

[I have housesat this interior-designers' home repeatedly over the last ten years, for periods ranging from a weekend to ten days. This past June was the latest.]

Date of Service Jun 10, 2014

Laura L.

Homeowner in Talent, Oregon

"I arrived late last night and found the dogs and house to be in excellent condition! Thank you so much again for staying here and taking care of everything. I know the dogs can be challenging and I appreciate you being so loving and caring to them.

Thank you also for the delicious treats that were left.

You're such a gem!"

Date of Service Apr 14, 2014

Susan B.

Homeowner in Saipan, Fiji

Well, Fiji is my closest option in the drop-down list. In actuality, it was the island of Saipan (neither the Northern Mariana Islands nor Micronesia in general are listed as options here). On Saipan, I cared for the resident dogs and cat in the owner\'s absence.

Also: that was in February of 2009 (alas the date choices only go back to 2010)

Date of Service Feb 10, 2011

Ralph Mccall

Homeowner in Huemoz, Switzerland

This form will not let me go back further than 2010, but I housesat a chalet for six weeks in December and January of 2005/2006. The chalet had been owned by the former secretary of Charlie Chaplin and had been completely remodeled by the current owners. I worked on my novel in front of the fireplace while the resident cat worked on her napping.

Date of Service Dec 15, 2010