House Sitter   Michael Cordle

House Sitter Michael Cordle

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Location:   Edgewater, Colorado

Age:   62

Experience:   1 yr 9 mo

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About Michael Cordle:

With many successful and referenceable house/pet sitting gigs, I come with a flexible schedule and can easily work remotely.  My background includes all things real estate - from helping people buy and sell, to home maintenance and light to medium home remodel. I have a great ear, eyes, and sniffer for noticing changes that may indicate home systems issues, and I've caught some of these during some house sits, and prevented major home/property damage.  

Other strengths include effective and efficient communication, administrative tasks such as mail handling, supervising and managing staff, and cooking/hosting guests that you may have come through.

I love animals! And they really take to me. 

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References 4

Andy Potter

Homeowner in Evergreen, Colorado

Short 3 week house/pet sitting gig for a Father of 3 who was taking the family on a vacation to Maine. Feed dog and cat twice per day and provide lots of loves and get them inside the house in the evening. Caught a leak behind the refrigerator and disabled it until it could be repaired, keeping the water from causing damage to a basement room. Provided neighborhood support by helping to rescue a hummingbird that had become trapped inside a home.

Date of Service Jul 13, 2021

Michael Petruzzi

Homeowner in Evergreen, Colorado

2005 to 2008 -- Three Years. Here is the reference letter text that tells the story of this house sit better than I can:
It is with great pleasure that we offer this recommendation in the highest regard for Michael Cordle. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have had Michael available to oversee our property for close to 3 years while we were living in France. He helped make our time as absentee homeowners as close to worry-free as we could have hoped. Given our status out of the country, we had special administrative needs beyond simple maintenance of our home (e.g., mail collection and occasional response, HOA obligations, etc.) and Michael went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure any issues that arose were communicated to us, investigated and resolved whenever possible. On one occasion, we had a plumbing emergency on our property. Michael not only helped us research and interview contractors so that we could make informed decisions regarding the repair work, he also oversaw the work to ensure it’s quality and completion. Michael's professionalism, care and attention to detail provided us with a peace of mind that was immeasurable while we were abroad. We could not have been happier with the good stewardship Michael provided in caring for our home.
Michael P & Anne D

Date of Service Aug 1, 2017

Sam Koester

Homeowner in Granite Bay, California

Nov 2010 to Apr 2011. Here is the reference/recommendation letter that tells of the house sitting assignment:
We had Michael Cordle house sit for us from November of 2010 thru April of 2011. We have a property of 2.5 acres with our main home and a small rental home on the property. The property includes two ponds and a creek along with out-buildings, lawns and a profusion of flowers and oak trees. Michael was able to handle any and every situation that came up which included irrigation issues and several minor issues at the rental home. He was able to keep our renter happy and secure. Michael received
our mail and when we deemed necessary scanned and sent it to us via the internet.
Our property also came equipped with Joe Bob, our cat, who seemed to feel Michael was an excellent caretaker and servant. We feel Michael is trustworthy, capable and more than willing to do whatever we felt was necessary to keep our minds at ease while we were gone.
Martin and Sam Koester
Granite Bay, CA

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017

Linda Lillywhite

Homeowner in Evergreen, Colorado

Winter 2011 to 2012 -- Cared for a 2BR, 1 BA cabin and one cat in this mountain town during the winter. It was important to make sure the place was functioning and that the pipes did not freeze, and also to keep Luna the Cat alive. I jest - Luna and I took great care of each other for a few months of quiet solitude. Happy to provide contact information for the homeowner could provide a reference for this short, but successful house/pet sitting assignment.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017