House Sitter   Judith Schumacher

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House Sitter Judith Schumacher

Location:   Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Age:   72

Experience:   6 yr 11 mo

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About Judith Schumacher:

  My husband Sanford and I are active, retired, and non-smoking .  We have the skills, desire, and life experience to provide excellent care for your pets and your home/garden.

I am a visual artist, decorator, and avid gardener. I taught art at a major university in the US for several years. My husband Sandy started and managed a consulting firm for 30 years before retiring. He is a talented pro/am photographer.

Animals have always been part of our lives, bringing us great joy and happiness. We love working with them and learning about them. We do volunteer work for an animal welfare organization in our spare time.

We'll consider pet/house caring assignments of any length, and we're willing to commit for up to a year. We're very good with dogs, cats, and other small mammals (e.g., rabbits) and have some experience with poultry. We have no experience with farm animals, but we'd consider learning.

We're strongly motivated by the animal care aspect of house sitting. We truly enjoy the company of animals, and know from personal experience how stressful it can be to leave loved animals with a carer. It's our goal to make leaving your pet as comfortable as possible for both you and your pets and, of course, to care for your home and property to the very best of our ability.

We enjoy traveling and experiencing other cultures. Our children have left the nest and do not live nearby, so we have no responsibilities that tie us to a specific location. Minding pets/houses is a good way to combine our love of animals and our desire to experience other cultures. But first and foremost, it is a commitment to care for pets and property.

We have many years' experience with animals, including special needs animals (e.g., blind, deaf, elderly, epileptic, allergic, etc.). In particular, we have the patience and desire to provide the TLC they need. We can prepare and administer home cooked diets, medication, and subcutaneous fluids for pets. Our years of experience have made us good at identifying ailments and potential problems before they become serious; we know when to call a vet.

We've owned seven homes (including rental properties) and know how to use a house gently and keep it clean and tidy. We've successfully completed many DIY projects including total renovation of three kitchens and two bathrooms as well a host of smaller projects. Household emergencies don't rattle us, and we know when to call for help.

We have common sense, significant life experience, and we're flexible. We're good at solving problems, and we have excellent references

We come with positive attitudes, a strong work ethic, willingness to learn and adapt, and curiosity about the world. We're also pleasant and easygoing.

We will gladly provide references on request.

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