House Sitter   Katherine Woods

House Sitter Katherine Woods

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Location:   Knoxville, Tennessee

Age:   48

Experience:   4 mo

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About Katherine Woods:

My friends and family call me Katy or Kate. I'm invoking my right to liberation and embracing my nomadic nature by getting out of corporate America and joining the world of caretaker I've become passionate about. My son is 21 and a man grown so I'm searching for my next chapter. I'm well versed in all things home, I adore animals, my beautiful boxer dog Sugar recently passed at the age of 14 so we had many wonderful years together and I gave up my apartment to someone who needed it more than I.. I've also had approximately 33 cats on my lifetime, from childhood on, mostly of the Siamese variety. I started a cleaning business a couple years ago because I genuinely love to clean and organize. It's s passion and I get antsy when I have nothing to do in that regard. I've also worked in Montana as a hotel do-it-all tasker and loved every minute of working the front desk and taking care of room turnover. 

I'm a mature adult who doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs of any kind.   I, do, however, indulge in too much junk food but no one is perfect!  I have eased many homeowners and animal owners worries when they had to leave and I'm looking to do the same for you.  Thanks!

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