House Sitter   Kate Dwyer

House Sitter Kate Dwyer

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Location:   Port Townsend, Washington

Experience:   9 mo

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About Kate Dwyer:

I am a healthy, lively woman of 74. I have been a landscape designer, nursery person and artist.

Over several years I have house and pet sat for many people through If you go to that site under pet sitters in Port Townsend wa you will find me as Kate and Myron. There you will find 17 5 star reviews. Also a detail profile with many photos. Sometimes I sit alone and sometimes with my husband.  I am very fond of cats and dogs but can't have my own for various reasons so I enjoy "adopting" other people's pets when I can.

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Anne Schneider

Homeowner in Port Townsend, Washington

I have known Anne and her husband Dick for nearly 20 years. They own several of my paintings and know me well. (Date of Service makes no sense for this entry so ignore the 2018 date)

Date of Service Jan 1, 2018

Sandy Mccrae

Homeowner in Port Townsend Wa, Washington


Date of Service Jan 1, 2018