House Sitter   Lisa Hendrick

House Sitter Lisa Hendrick

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Location:   Honolulu, Hawaii

Age:   53

Experience:   5 mo

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About Lisa Hendrick:

Years ago as a young mom, a friend and I had a small cleaning business in Seattle. We had a few clients that we cleaned for and we would also help with holiday d├ęcor and serve for events, etc. so I am very familiar with cleaning and managing a home. I am excellent with lawn care and yard work.  I am mother of three and guardian to my niece. My oldest son is a pediatrician in his residency, my daughter is completing her master's in education this semester by student teaching on Oahu, and my youngest son will graduate in May with a degree in Economics.  My niece is a sophomore in college. I worked some years as Director of Operations for Whitesmile USA and the last eleven years as a paralegal for a Firm in Midtown Atlanta. I am now moving to Hawaii with my daughter so looking for employment. I am a quick learner and a master of many household duties. I always take pride in a job well done and believe I can do whatever I put my mind to. I was raised in Canada with an Australian mother, attended college in the States, and have been in the US for the last 30+ years. I am easily able to converse with anyone and am very friendly. I truly care about others and will take good care of your home and whatever tasks I am assigned. 

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Wendi Krogh

Acquaintance in Dallas, Georgia

Wendi and I have been friends for decades. I worked with youth groups for over 15 years and Wendi and I overlapped for about 4 of those years. Since that time we have done wedding flowers, receptions, and baby showers together and we continue to compliment each other's talents. She knows my strengths and can attest to my hard work and work ethic.

Date of Service Nov 11, 2021