House Sitter   Holly S Farrow

House Sitter Holly S Farrow

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Location:   Petaluma, California

Experience:   2 mo

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About Holly S Farrow:

Reasons to hire me:  I care about what my client cares about: home, pets & plants. I have a sixth sense when it comes to what my clients need. My clients repeatedly hire me, because they trust me. 

Hi! My name is Holly, “The Conscious Caretaker,” lover of pets, plants and properties, I make sure your home is in order whether your travels are for a reason or a season. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you to ease your mind, while you are away. 

Service Abilities:
I am experienced with overseeing and tending to all aspects of home care, administrative duties for home offices and have excellent communication skills. On top of this, I love and am experienced with all kinds of animals. I am intuitive with what is needed and it comes natural to me to make sure things are cared for properly.  I have extensive experience with a wide variety of people and properties worldwide. This caretaker takes good care when you leave your home in my hands. 

Let's Connect:
Please contact me through this site for a preliminary introduction and to check on availability, I look forward to speaking with you!

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Holly Farrow

Employer in Petaluma, California

I have extensive references on my website for helping people in their lives amd businesses in various capacities. I am happy to disclose my website upon established grounds. I travel between California and Hawaii, work remotely, and have clientele worldwide.

Date of Service Nov 1, 2021

Edwina Brown

Homeowner in Petaluma, California

I housesat for this wonderful family, for a month, in this lovely home in Petaluma, CA and cared for their dog and cat ( whom I fell in love with) kept their yard and plants tended, while they were overseas.

Date of Service Jun 22, 2021

Lynn Learned

Homeowner in Glen Ellen, California

I am currently housesitting off and on in 2021 in Glen Ellen, and have known Lynn for three decades and seen her through her three properties in California.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2021

Cathy Youngling

Homeowner in Mill Valley, California

Cared for this families home and their two sweet corgies while the family was out of the country.

Date of Service Dec 1, 2017

Monica Guillory

Homeowner in Lahaina, Hawaii

I cared for this couples home in Launiupoko while they were on the mainland for almost a month.

Date of Service Aug 1, 2017