House Sitter   Christina Hutchinson

House Sitter Christina Hutchinson

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Location:   Las Vegas, Nevada

Experience:   7 mo

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About Christina Hutchinson:


My name is Stina and I am a Las Vegas and California photographer. I enjoy traveling, getting to see new things, and capturing great moments.  I am a house sitter, pet sitter, and someone you can rely on for the occasional check in if needed. Currently, I am  apart of this site and another where I am trusted to watch a variety of different animals while watching the home, so multi tasking to make sure everything is in great condition is not a problem for me. I work from home when I am not booked with a shoot. With me as your house sitter I am always a phone, text, or Facetime away! Let me be your home while you're away from home so you can enjoy your travel without having to worry. I normally travel by myself, but when I am not I love being with my fiance and my family! So, if you would enjoy having your pets or home accompanied by 2-4 others let me know and I'll see if my fiance or parents would like to come along. For us we see it as offering extra help with any task and we really do take pride in getting things done when sitting. They know I do this and enjoy it very much, which has made them more open to feeling comfortable when I do invite them on family vacations. I truly can say I am so happy and fortunate to have people open their door to me and trust in me and making sure they can come back to a house just the way it was when they left. I also appreciate that it gives me an opportunity to experience life more and capture new things in different states! Pets always come first with me if you do have any, so please do keep in mind this huge animal lover will make sure they're safe as well! Anywho, I can keep going on why you should choose mem but I suppose from here you should see for yourself. Please reach out anytime!

Warmest regards,

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References 3

Daquan Terrance

Employer in Las Vegas, Nevada

She is a very hard worker, very responsible, and above all reliable. Stina has a huge heart and loves animals, plants, and basically anything alive with a heart of gold. When she is not working, she is traveling and relaxing. Anything she does for enjoyment is well deserved because she truly does give it her all!

Date of Service Apr 5, 2021


Homeowner in Las Vegas, Nevada

She had to take care of 5 dogs, clean, look out for packages, water plants, dumb trash, and grab the mail.

Date of Service Feb 17, 2021

Leo Sanchez

Homeowner in Las Vegas, Nevada

Stina had to water plants, take care of two dogs and cat, and make sure the house was clean.

Date of Service Apr 17, 2020