House Sitter   Steven Lee

House Sitter Steven Lee

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Location:   New York, New York

Age:   66

Experience:   3 mo

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About Steven Lee:

Dear Homeowner/Property Manager:



I am writing to apply for the position of house sitter.  Please allow me to explain why I am the person you should trust with the responsibility of caring for your home.


Reasons I am looking to be your home sitter

I had a successful legal career in California.  In 2010 my wife Katherine and I moved to Utah.  She loved selling real estate.  In October 2020 Katherine, our 27 year old high-functioning autistic son who lived with us, and I all got COVID.  Five days later Katherine had a massive hemorrhagic stroke.  In January she suffered a heart attack.  Katherine went on hospice and died at home February 9, 2021, survived by her eight children and fifteen grandchildren.


I have sold or given away all but a storage unit full of ‘stuff’.  Recently my son moved out to live independently.  After 40 years I find myself alone.  So far this year I have driven more than 18,000 miles and flown almost as many searching for where I want to call home, although one daughter has advocated by my BFF who turns four in November.  House sitting seems to provide the perfect opportunity to explore where I want to settle down.


Qualifications to be your home sitter

I am a widower who lives alone.  I am honest, responsible, stable, mature, healthy, organized, and clean!  I don’t drink, smoke, or use recreational drugs.  I am a former home owner who has done general maintenance and repairs.  I am technologically savvy but not on social media.  I’ve had COVID and also have been fully vaccinated.  I have had dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, and fish.  I am retired and my schedule is flexible.  I am willing to travel to your site.


I have life skills that provide substantial value.  I have worked with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.  I have excellent written and oral communication skills.  I have managed people and projects.  I am a proactive and creative problem solver.  I understand how to set and manage budgets.



Thank you for your consideration.  I invite you to contact me so that we may discuss in greater detail why you can trust me to be responsible for your home.




Steven J. Lee

                        Seeking Position of House Sitter

Seeking position as full time, on-site, live-in house sitter that allows an aspiring writer remote work.





Former home owner

Technologically savvy

Had COVID 10/2020

Familiar with animals






General handyman

Double Vaccinated 5/2021

Flexible schedule



No recreational drugs

Widower who lives alone

Not on social media

Written/oral communication skills

                                              Volunteer Experience

Board of Directors, General Counsel: Center for the Blind; Bakersfield, CA                           4/2004 - 4/2010

·     Chaired committee hiring new executive director. Treasurer.   Wrote new by-laws.

Youth Coach: Placentia & Bakersfield, CA   08/1994 - 11/2009

·     Approximately 16 soccer teams, 5 basketball teams (2 league titles); 3 Little League teams.

Vice President: high school aquatics booster club, Placentia, CA                                                 1997 - 2000

·     Announcer for high school league swim meets.

Leader of Civic Project: Placentia, CA                 1994

·     Worked with city agencies and led community service project utilizing 300 volunteers to refurbish 40 acre public park.


                                   Professional Work History

Self Employed, Part-Time Attorney: Layton, Washington, & Lehi, UT                     05/2010 - Present

Real Estate Agent: Washington & Lehi, UT 09/2013 – 09/2014

Partner in Law firm of Klein, DeNatale, Goldner; Bakersfield, CA                               12/2003 ‑ 4/30/2010

Attorney at Borton, Petrini & Conron; Bakersfield, CA                                                          3/2001 ‑ 12/2003

Attorney and owner of Law Office of Steven J. Lee; Placentia, CA                                                 1995 - 2001


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