House Sitter   Jana & Hendrik Herde-homann

House Sitter Jana & Hendrik Herde-homann

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Location:   Braunschweig / Lower Saxony, Germany

Age:   42

Experience:   11 mo

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About Jana & Hendrik Herde-homann:


we are Jana and Hendrik and we are currently living in Germany but plan to move to wonderful Panama to explore the country for some time with our almost 12 year old daughter Lila. 

Why are we a great option to take good care of your house and pet? 

  1. We are a very open and flexible little family that works well as a team. 
  2. We are fluent in several languages. German, native Spanish, great English and some French. 
  3. We love people, have great social abilities and know how to be formal and disciplined if the situation requires it. 
  4. Our daughter is very well behaved and aware of the importance of care, when it comes to other people's belongings. Respect is very important to us and she knows what that means to us and others.
  5. We both have work experience that is very useful as a house sitter: 
-Hendrik is a professional Chef, experienced managing a team of several people and keep everything organized and clean. When it comes to run errands that have to do with mantaining a place for example, he operates with german efficiency!

-Hendrik and our daughter Lila are experts in "Aquascaping" and everything related to the care of fish-pets. Water tanks are their passion! 

-Lila and Hendrik love dogs, our daughter is great when it comes to helping taking care of them and getting involved with the daily work a dog requires. She is very mature for her age and dogs usually respond well to her. She is highly sensitive but very temperate and has a happy nature. 
 I am not a Dog expert myself, but I will of course help with all related activities that come with the care, walk the dog for example and make sure a routine is followed.

-I grew up in Spain and have traveled to several countries (including Latin America and the Caribbean), Hendrik is also very flexible adadpting to a new culture and people and has travelling experience. At 15 I was a regular babysitter cooking, cleaning and keeping 2 little girls occupied. I usually had to make sure they showered and went to summer school with punctuality! At age 19 and 20, I was a housesitter for the same family for several weeks in a row. 

-I have years of experience in the turism industry since I was 15 and dealing with people in different or difficult situations (I have worked in PR in a luxury Hotel and costumer service for example). 

-My last job before being independent with my Coaching business, was taking care of the communication in several languages and different activities for the 2 CEO'S of a german global company. I am used to taking care of things and enjoy creating a good environment with a positive attitude. 

What you need to know about us: 

We would be able to start sitting your house by the end of July or beginning of August 2021 Tops.

We prefer a location near the beach, but are open to look at different options.

We both can drive your car. 
Hendrik is a very clean and discrete cigarette smoker (not a heavy smoker, he doesn't smoke all day long). He would never smoke inside the property or leave any trace of cigarettes. I myself am a non smoker.

I own an online business that requires a few hours a day of my time. That of course, is not a problem for me to act as if the house I'm taking care of was mine. We will protect the place and take care of it always. 

We plan on doing a "Panama Year", where we see different places of the country and also do some family time while we take care of your property and get to know the culture better. 

We would be honored to be part of your house-family and be of good service, while we have a great time and also make a great impression when it comes to your neighbours, community or employees.

Thank you so much, 

Jana, Hendrik and Lila 

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