House Sitter   Mayra Copetti

House Sitter Mayra Copetti

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Location:   Cordoba, Argentina

Age:   33

Experience:   5 mo

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About Mayra Copetti:

Hello, my name is Mayra, I am Argentina/Italian and at the moment I am living in Andorra, I have found this application and I would like to have some experience in home care in other countries. I have dedicated many years of my life to study, I am a biologist, teacher, cook, masseuse and astrologer, at this moment I want to travel and look for new opportunities and experiences. The phone that I have left is Argentin and I will always have that number by wattsap, you can contact me there or by email. My English is not good, I am willing to understand and learn it even more. thank you very much, greetings

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