House Sitter   Tracey Jones

House Sitter Tracey Jones

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Location:   Wales, United Kingdom

Age:   47

Experience:   2 yr 3 mo

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About Tracey Jones:

I am extremely fortunate that i am able to work remotely as long as I have a very strong internet connection.  I am passionate about helping people and have good strong values. 

I take my work seriously and enjoy traveling with it. 

I am a 'Language Alchemist' and support people to turn their lives around by focusing on their 'language patterns' whilst changing old habits, giving my clients a completely confidential space to explore their issues

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Neil Lashley

Acquaintance in Wales, United Kingdom

I have known Tracey for 15 years and she often stays at our house as a friend but also to cat and dog sit, she is one of the most trustworthy people that i know. She is extremely clean and our house often ends up cleaner after she's house sat.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2021