House Sitter   Michael Hacker

House Sitter Michael Hacker

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Location:   Livonia, Michigan

Experience:   11 mo

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About Michael Hacker:

My wife and I  are homeowners in Michigan and interested in traveling to warmer climates. I am experienced in property maintenance,  construction, electrical, mechanical, plumbing repairs. I have maintained a pool on a property I previously owned. We have experience with landscape and animal care. We are fond of dogs and cats, with a few exceptions( no pit bulls)
I contructed a duplex for friends from Canada when I  lived in Ecuador. 2013- 2020.
We have many skills that would be beneficial to any property and animal owner.
If we perk your interest, drop us a line. Thank you and Happy New Year 
P.S. We are currently staying near Jacksonville, Fla  with my neice. We are no smokers and retirees.

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