House Sitter   Sarah Sanchez

House Sitter Sarah Sanchez

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Location:   Peoria, Arizona

Age:   18

Experience:   5 mo

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About Sarah Sanchez:

my name is sarah!! i am 18 years old and i have experience in pet sitting for many years and i have done a lot of house hold maintenance! i’m very outgoing and i am a fast learner i’ve watched people’s homes few times while they were out on vacation and i love doing it! i love to see people’s homes and what they have achieved in their life and how i can possibly apply that to my life one day :) 

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Tyler Alcorn

Homeowner in Peoria, Arizona

i pet sit for him and cleaned around his house to make sure everything was in order and neat by the time he got back with his fiancé from hawaii and they absolutely loved it

Date of Service Jun 6, 2020