House Sitter   Melissa Riedel

House Sitter Melissa Riedel

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Location:   Houston, Texas

Age:   36

Experience:   1 yr 1 mo

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About Melissa Riedel:

Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Nutritionist, Writer, World Traveler

New to “formal” house-sitting but have experience watching homes for friends, working at international retreat centers, caring for pets, watering plants, security, off-grid living, Ranch & Farm stays, handling other miscellaneous tasks, etc. Compensation is required in addition to my full-time stay. Willing to travel internationally. 

I am currently writing a book and looking for a wonderful home or ranch to care for over the winter holidays or potentially much longer, that is a safe, cozy space ideally in a beautiful natural settling, for me to write and host my online Zoom yoga classes (which you are welcome to participate in!) 

I firmly believe that the way we treat our mind & bodies effects the way we treat our home environment and vice versa.  That said, I maintain a heightened state of awareness, are very in tune with my surroundings, place a high priority on organization and cleanliness, and love caring for animals - exotic and domestic.  

I love dogs of all sizes and enjoy taking them for runs, walks, playing catch in the yard, and offering tons of loving affection to them. I have experience caring for rescued animals and those with special needs as well. I love spending time with cats as well and getting to know them. 

Physically adept with lightning speed reaction time to know what needs to be done in the event of an emergency, I can handle just about anything.   I am open to learning and applying my skill set where I may. I do not watch television at all, will not be bringing any pets, do not smoke and only occasionally enjoy a glass of wine.

 That said, cheers for your consideration and if we are of like-minds, I hope to hear from you and hopefully working with you!



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