House Sitter   Kyle Dunn

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House Sitter Kyle Dunn

Location:   Oakland, Maine

Age:   33

Experience:   3 mo

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About Kyle Dunn:


Thank you for coming to my profile and I hope you are well. 

My name is Kyle and as of late, I have been traveling abroad just to experience more of the world. Originally from Maine, U.S. but have almost made it entirely around the globe since my journies began a year ago. While I have been by myself for most of this time, I have been using the website Workaway for volunteer/work exchange opportunities which has been really fantastic. As travelers do, we try and find other routes to help further our travel and I more or less randomly stumbled upon the idea of house sitting (after landing my first official housesitting "gig" during my time in New Zealand). 
As I am a newbie here, please feel free to view my workaway profile for reference:
If you are unable to view due (not sure if you have to be a member to do so), please let me know and I will find an alternative to enable you. Alternatively, here is my airbnb profile as well:

If you would like, I would be happy to provide any further information, such as a resume or other references, upon request. I certainly pride myself on being respectful, responsible, personable, and always happy to help. In the past, I've held employment such as management which involved high levels of professionalism, responsibility, trust, and organization and I've worked in childcare as well which too required these same traits. Big fan of pets too!

More or less, I can be very flexible at this time and am currently available from January 2020 onward. Hope to hear from you!

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