House Sitter   Dawn Varney

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House Sitter Dawn Varney

Location:   Hutchinson, Kansas

Experience:   11 mo

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About Dawn Varney:

I am a retired Christian physician, non-smoker, working the past 12 years as an in-home elder caregiver. Although I have lived in several places across the country, I am currently centrally located, within a 2-3 day drive of anywhere within the continental US. I love to drive, so distant assignments are great with me. Having wanted to become a veterinarian in my younger days, I love animals, and have owned horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets. I now have one older cat, and will not be getting any other pets when he has passed away. Although we are married, most of the time my husband is working elsewhere on the east coast as a live-in caregiver. Because of David's location, I am most interested in assignments in the NY/CT/MA/etc area. I enjoy traveling, learning, and meeting new friends. I am mechanically inclined and detail-oriented, and can actually do some simple home and car repairs myself! My personality is warm and quiet, but once I get to know you and we feel comfortable together, I can certainly talk a lot - but I am perfectly comfortable being completely alone. I continue to work as a caregiver, and would prefer to give two weeks notice before accepting a house-sitting assignment, but that is somewhat flexible if you have an emergency. I am available year-round except during planned vacations. I'll be on a cruise the last half of February, 2020. I look forward to getting to know you and to help you with your house-sitting needs.

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Janis Murphy

Homeowner in Sylvia, Kansas

I was originally Janis' boss, as she worked in our department while I was the medical director of nuclear medicine at the local hospital. We've now been best friends for over twenty years. Janis and her husband Michael own and operate a bed and breakfast and are very familiar with house-sitting needs.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2015