House Sitter   Ricky Kennedy

House Sitter Ricky Kennedy

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Location:   Topeka, Kansas

Age:   66

Experience:   2 yr

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About Ricky Kennedy:

My wife Susan and I have been married 45 years and have 4 happy and productive children and 7 adorable grandchildren, 1 Yellow lab named ruger  1 independent cat named Noel and in the past as many as 6 horses. We both retired from the medical field, she as an office manager and insurance biller for a busy urologist office and myself as a lithotripsy tech,  working for a group of 20 urologists. In our spare time over the past 30 years we have  flipped and built houses. I am very knowledgeable about plumbing, electrical and all aspects of home building and maintenance and can keep your house in perfect working order while you are gone. We love to travel to sandy beaches and beautiful oceans. We love long walks and nature. We love and respect animals and Nature and believe it is our responsibility to protect and take care of both. We have never smoked or done drugs and drink only occasionally 

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C&s Gardens

Homeowner in Las Vegas, Nevada

This is a corporation based out of Las Vegas that has several properties around my area that I take care of. One is where we are currently living, it consists of 80 acres two houses and a shelter house. I maintain both houses mow about 6 acres of grass and keep the walking trails cleared as most of the property is wooded

Date of Service Jan 1, 2018

Michael Well

Homeowner in Siesta Key, Florida

This is a vacation home for Mike and his grown children my wife and I have been going there for about 18 years we go for a week or two each year and fix or paint or replace whatever is needed to keep it in good condition for when each of them come down they don't have to spend there vacation doing it.

Date of Service Oct 5, 2017