House Sitter   Shugay Irina

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House Sitter Shugay Irina

Location:   Ekaterinburg, Russia

Age:   32

Experience:   1 yr

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About Shugay Irina:


Enjoy live. Share nice moments with other people. Explore wonderful places on earth. Travel all around the world.


In 2016 we quit our jobs and start traveling around the world for one year. Finally, we found a job in e-commerce. We still want to travel again and discover other amazing places on Earth. We enjoy a lot being with different people and listening to their stories.


Don’t do any harm. Enjoy life, enjoy music, enjoy being with people, enjoy nature. Get to know yourself. Don’t judge, don’t critique, do what you like the most.


Amazing. All the people we've known have been wonderful. Every personal history, every encounter is just a great opportunity to discover the world and better understand human beings.

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