House Sitter   Salana Johnson

House Sitter Salana Johnson

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Location:   St. Micheal, Minnesota

Age:   27

Experience:   3 yr 8 mo

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About Salana Johnson:

Hello everyone ! 

My name is Salana Johnson and I have been pet/ house sitting for over 10 years. I have started my own pet, farm and house sitting service located in Minnesota. I have sat a variety of animals including dogs,cats,rabbits,reptiles, horses, goats, chickens and much more! My speciality is sitting horses and dogs. When pet/house sitting, I also retrieve mail, packages, water plants, bring garbage and recycling down, shovel, and clean up after myself. Also anything else that you would be needing while you are away. 

Just a little bit about myself. I am a animal lover of all kinds. Animals are my life, and I would like to keep pursuing that in the future. I have been to college for equine science and natural horsemanship. I have extensive knowledge in horses, as they have been a big part through my life. I am also a certified equine and canine massage therapist. I have been a head wrangler for guest ranches out in Wyoming and Colorado as well. I love to travel the world as much as I can.  I also have knowledge of basic first aid and care for all pets as well. 

I would love to traveling to different states, depending on availability. I also have many references to give if you need them. 

Thanks for checking out my profile, I hope to be working with you soon! Have a great day!

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References 4

Kim Schmierer

Homeowner in Rogers, Minnesota

Kim and her husband are gone a lot due to their child in college sports. They have two dogs. I do daily drop ins over the days, and stay at night with them at her home. I let them out, play, feed and water them. Also snuggle ALOT as they love that!

She is a repat customer very often.
From KIm - "Salana did a fabulous job dog sitting for us! We were very pleased with everything and highly recommend her for any pet needs you may have (:"

Date of Service Nov 9, 2018

Jacquie Weide

Homeowner in Buffalo, Minnesota

I watched her 4 dogs, while they were on vacation. I fed, watered, exercised, played and even brought them for their weekly ride to Mcdonalds for some treats. I also took care of their very arthritic chihuahua who can not walk. That included bringning her outside to go to the bathroom, feeding her, and carrying her with me where I went. I stayed over for a week with them in their home.

She is a repeat customer.
From Jacquie- "Salana stayed at our house with our 4 fur babies over Halloween while we were out of the country. My chihuahua is disabled and I have never left her with anyone but family before. No worries. Salana checked in daily with updates and pictures. She even took them out to McDonald's for their weekly "treat". We will never use anyone else again. Can't say enough nice things about her"

Date of Service Oct 26, 2018

Lindsi Cook

Homeowner in St. Micheal, Minnesota

I do daily drop ins for Lindsi, as her and her husband work a lot. They have two cute, energetic french bulldogs. I do daiy drop ins, with feeding, walking, watering, playing, and giving love as many times as she needs when she is gone. The last time I watched him he was sick, so I stayed with him the whole day just to make sure he was okay.

She is a reapt customer!
From Lindsi- "She was so incredible with my baby when he was sick :)
I am a happy we met you and look forward to seeing you soon!"

Date of Service Oct 20, 2018

Heather Vanderkooi

Homeowner in Coon Rapids, Minnesota

She is a repeat customer. She has a special needs cat that has to have medicine, and a specific diet on a regular basis. Also he gets lonley when she is gone for long periods of time or vacation. I stay with him overnight at her home to ensure he is safe and comfortable.

Date of Service Jul 16, 2018