House Sitter   Marcia Colbert

House Sitter Marcia Colbert

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Location:   Dallas, Texas

Age:   73

Experience:   4 yr 4 mo

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About Marcia Colbert:

Hi Ė I am an active, recent retiree (working on a blog for part-time income : )) with a need to help people and a desire to travel. How better to do both than housesit?! I was an Executive Director for two non-profits when I was still working full-time. One was a very large civic/recreation center and the other was a community theatre. I love the performing and visual arts. In fact, my professional career started as a ballet dancer and choreographer. My business experience has left me with a can-do attitude and many handy abilities. Having lived in small towns and big cities, I'm comfortable in either.       

       My travels to date have taken me to many places in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and I am hungry to see more! I enjoy seeing different lifestyles and being more of a local than a tourist. Animals are great company so I'm never lonely. Reading and writing are some of my favorite past times.

Why I want to house sit

       My love of helping people and animals is my main reason for wanting to house sit. Everyone needs help at some point and it is my pleasure to be able to do that. Just knowing someone is there to keep an eye on things can be a tremendous relief when you're traveling. You don't have to worry if you left the iron on!! I love animals and always try to make them feel at ease and comfortable with me. I let them tell me when theyíre ready to make a new friend. But getting along with pets is just part of the sitting experience. They need to be well cared for, too. Keeping their feeding schedules, cleaning litter boxes, regular walks, and grooming are all extremely important. Iím fairly adept at giving medications, too. As adept as we humans can be, anyway! Having given my own cats and dogs medicine has endowed me with a few tricks to make the process as painless as possible for everyone concerned. You are looking for someone to care for your home and pets with the same attention to detail that you have. Iíve owned three houses and have renovated two of them. Keeping things neat and tidy is a must for me, as is being able to handle small emergencies. Iím a pro with a plumberís friend! But I also know when Iím out of my league, so if something happens that needs a professional, I am very resourceful in finding exactly the right person, after discussing it with you, of course. You have many options and I hope you see I would be an excellent choice to tend to your house, treating it like my own, and loving your precious pets. I think I would be their favorite nanny! I would love to talk with you about your next house and pet sitting opportunity!

My Experience

       Aside from having my own pets, literally all of my life, including many cats and dogs of all sizes, my house sitting experience so far has involved tending to the houses and pets of friends. I have cared for the same two cats in different locales - several times in a rural town in Texas and then again in Santa Fe, when they moved. The pets belong to a former district judge and I know he would give me a glowing reference. Another friend has three dogs and a cat residing with him and his wife in a lovely old two-story farmhouse on a small lake. Many years ago, while renting a house, I cared for two horses that belonged to my landlord.Unfortunately, he passed away just recently. I am good with horses, having ridden for many years. I even took jumping classes at one point in my younger days! I'm not intimidated by farm animals like sheep, goats, donkeys, chickens, or even alpacas. I'm a pretty laid back person and animals can sense that, I think.

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John Wilson

Homeowner in Athens, Texas

Marcia is a wonderful person... extremely intelligent, resourceful and alert. And let me emphasize thoughtful! She has looked after our home and pets several times and we couldn't be happier or more contented leaving our things with her.

Trying to choose the right individual to entrust with one's most treasured possessions for an extended period of time presented a great deal of anxiety for us. It seemed darned near impossible for us until the lightbulb went off and we thought of our friend Marcia Colbert. When we asked, she was eager to help. Since we were already familiar with her integrity in this town it was a no brainer.

Sometimes these references can be exaggerated for a better chance at the job. I sincerely hope you believe me when I say I am being absolutely honest. I've come to know Marcia over the past few years and I can think of no one who I could ever be more comfortable with, and have less worry about, than Marcia.

You may definitely email me at to discuss further. I know how that anxiety works.

Date of Service Mar 14, 2017