House Sitter   Connie Buckley

House Sitter Connie Buckley

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Location:   Pasadena, California

Age:   59

Experience:   3 yr 7 mo

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About Connie Buckley:

I am a very responsible, organized, tidy, reliable, and adventuresome individual who has had the privilege to travel fairly extensively.  I have been married to my (soon-to-be-retired) husband for 23+ years, and am the mother of 2 grown sons.  I am a retired professional dancer having performed in both classical ballet companies as well as in the Los Angeles and San Francisco productions of "Phantom of the Opera"; and am currently the owner of the Uncluttered Guru, a home-centered organizing business.  In my travels, I often leave a property  'tidier' than when I arrived.

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Paige Kayyem

Acquaintance in Boulder, Colorado

Regular monthly stays at her Boulder, CO home since September 2016 to oversee the running of her home while she was away, in addition to organizing the 15000 sqf property.

Date of Service Sep 1, 2016