House Sitter   Lydia Kuniholm

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House Sitter Lydia Kuniholm

Location:   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Age:   59

Experience:   3 yr 5 mo

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About Lydia Kuniholm:

I am a 56 year old international educator recently returned to the US after working in higher education overseas.  I am seeking employment in the field of educational technology and/or freelance training and/or writing.  This will require some time so I am trying to find pleasant environments to stay in while I build my new professional life.  I am a very social and responsible person and have five years of experience as both a host and a guest with the social network Couchsurfing.  If you take a look at my profile Wanderingi you will get a good picture of how others find me as a person. I grew up overseas as the daughter of a diplomat and I am very comfortable around new people and different cultures.  I am quite taken by the Internet and you can easily learn more about me by Googling my full name.  I love animals, especially cats.  I would hope that your home has wifi so that I could continue my work towards rebuild my professional status.  

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