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House Sitter Krista Connolly

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Location:   Dublin, Ireland

Experience:   7 yr 5 mo

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About Krista Connolly:

Hello!! My name is Krista Connolly.!  .For the past 25 years I have been  a bowen therapist and homeopath . I am semi retired and am free to travel, and, I often work remotely via s app or zoomand am able to spend  long or short times away. I recently moved to Dublin , Ireland .   I am looking forward to going back to Boston as often as possible. I am also keen on travelling in Europe where I am a dual Irish/US citizen. I have lived in Spain twice once while doing my masters degree with Middlebury college in Madrid and in Malaga. I enjoyed house sitting and dog sitting for a great dog named Clem in Ireland.  I enjoy dogs very much   and enjoy the company of animals. I look forward to hearing from you.
Krista Connolly

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Krista did a really great job of looking after my dog, Clementine who can be a real handful. She tended my plants and ensured my flowers flourished and she was lovely to have in the house before we left on holidays. The most important thing always for me is that my pets are well looked after. Krista took to Clementine as if she were her own and Clem responded really well. The two developed a lovely bond and Clementine was happier while we were away than she had been under anyone else's care. That is according to my doggy daycare who directly witnessed Krista's connection with our Clem.

Reviewed Sep 11, 2018 by homeowner in Dublin, Ireland

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Kat Shea

Acquaintance in Boulder, Colorado

Letter of Recommendation for Krista Connolly

I have known Krista for approximately 20 years, as a homeopath, a Bowen therapist and friend, as I am a practitioner of those healing arts also. She is dedicated to excellence as a healer, and is very intuitive and accurate in her perceptions. I believe her passion for homeopathy gives her an immense ability to really understand where all kinds of people are coming from, and what they need to thrive. I can only imagine this to be an amazing asset as a teacher.

She is hard working and always expanding her fields of interest, as I watched her buy and renovate houses and land, and bring new life to several neighborhoods. This was a skill demanding much attention to detail, managing sub contractors, and being very creative at finding the building materials at a great cost. I saw her do this as a service to her renters, the city she lived in, as well as a business for profit.

As a landlord she had to be highly discerning of character, which is another strong part of her gifts. This developed her ability to interface with both government regulators and the needs of the people she was serving.

Being bi-lingual has always meant she could straddle cultures and be comfortable with very different kinds of people. All of her experiences give her a versatility culturally, socio-economically, and with different ages. She is strong, capable and creative, very much able to see "outside the box".

Krista has strong principles and values, and lives her talk. She has raised 2 children to become strong and unique adult women, and has imparted permission to discover their own unique identities, especially during the time she home schooled them. She is a model of personal integrity, and I have witnessed that grow, even as she has done her own healing work in the years I have known her.

Kat Shea, CMT, NMT, CHom

2925 3rd St

Boulder, CO 80304

303 447-0474

Date of Service Jan 1, 2016