House Sitter   Gabriele Brown

House Sitter Gabriele Brown

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Location:   Austin, Texas

Age:   65

Experience:   7 yr 4 mo

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About Gabriele Brown:

High spirit, a sense of adventure, to make a difference in peoples live, to practice compassion and love, create art, to dance, a sunset that glows hot pink before fading into lavender, the anticipation of a very fine meal,pleasurable silence,learning something new, a real letter in my mailbox,dissolving into a book or film,needing my passport, keeping a secret,arranging flowers in a vase,forgiving, being forgiven, a good cry, a real hug (not sideways kind),unprovoked generosity,meeting a friend or loved one at the airport, the smells of rain, gardenia and fresh coffee, stay home, listen to music, read books, yoga, make new friends, keep old friends, sleep, water, travel the earth, plant a vegetable garden, laugh, nature loving, wake up early, swim, learn to speak fluent Spanish, learn to speak Swahili, I am a Adventure travel coordinator to East Africa and have spend the past 5 years in Tanzania of and on. In slow season I travel back to the US. I can work form anywhere in the world as my business is done virtually. When I am in Tanzania I usually go on Charity Climbs to Mount Kilimanjaro or work with several NGO's that are part of my pay it forward. program.

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References 2

Kiff Kilpatrick

Homeowner in Los Angeles, California

Stayed with Kiff for several weeks lat year

Date of Service May 1, 2014

Mazo Kundayo

Homeowner in Arusha, Africa

It was very great honor to have opportunity to host a very great guest Gabrielle. We truly had a good experience in hosting her here at Kundayo… she is amazing lady, a wonderful charming and friendly person. … I happily recommend Gabrielle to any other lodging facility Gabrielle we really enjoyed so much having you here at Kundayo during your entire stay of more than one month… If you give us another chance, we will be very gladly to rent the place for you without any hesitation. It was a very wonderful to have you staying with us – Asante Sana na Karibu Tena

Private Feedback:
Dear Gabrielle, Thank You Very Much from the very bottom of my heart for staying with us here at Kundayo Serviced Apartments Lodge for period of more than one month. It was really a great pleasure hosting you here at our lodge and we do hope we will have another opportunity to welcome you back again in the future. It was a great pleasure and honor to have you here throughout this time and we really enjoyed your friendship and your support. You meant a lot to us, and it was so wonderful experience renting out the apartment to you! We really hope you enjoyed your stay with us and we also hope that the service we provided for you met your expectations. , Please do not hesitate to let us know if there’s any ways we can make improvements in the accommodation and services we provides in order to ensure that your next stay with us here at Kundayo become more wonderful and very-very enjoyable! Please keep in touch! On behalf of everyone here at Kundayo, once again from the Very Bottom of My Heart Asante Sana na Karibu Tena Kundayo! I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Tata Urth Safari great success for many years to come! Keep well and Very Best regards to you and to Jacob Yours Sincerely Mazo

July 2015

Date of Service Jan 1, 2011