House Sitter   Melissa Burford

House Sitter Melissa Burford

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Location:   Shreveport, Louisiana

Age:   66

Experience:   8 yr 1 mo

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About Melissa Burford:

I am 58 years old and have been married for 28 years.  I love people, animals, travel, languages and history, reading and cooking.  I am a very happy person by nature.   I worked for almost 30 years in a very big and busy hospital taking care of people in the emergency room and in the Intensive Care units.  I loved it.  I am a registered respiratory therapist.  I worked my way up in the hospital and became the assistant director of 4 hospitals.   In May of 2008, I retired, and we renovated our house which took a year and a half.  I started a travel business in 2012 when our last child was in her sophomore year in college.  I specialize in "Slow Travel" and do custom tours to Europe, sometimes going as a personal guide.  I travel to Europe several times a year with my work.   I have been going to France for 18 years, and also to Germany, Italy, Spain, & Switzerland occasionally.   I drive a standard shift car when I come over, and it is always an experience.  I speak, write and read French and Spanish moderately well.  I plan to learn Italian.  :-)

 My husband is a retired pulmonary doctor.  He is 65 years old. We have a farm on which he raises Black Angus beef cows and does some tractor work.  We would love to do some house sitting overseas in Europe or in South America, or the United Kingdom.  We own our own home, but would like to see more of the world now that our children are gone and we are able.

 We are very honest, hard-working and both non-smokers.  We will do an excellent job for you when you hire us.  We will treat your house or apartment and your animals for those of you that have some, like they are our own.  I am able to house sit any time during the year, except December,  because my tour business is flexible, and I bring my laptop with me.  :-)  My husband can house sit with me during the months April - October.

 We have 2 dogs that are also our children or think that they are!   Millie, a Border Collie that is 13, and Bella is an Australian Shepherd, and she is 5.  We have 5 wonderful, grown children and 10 grandchildren. In the past we had cats, birds, & hamsters.  With 5 children and all kinds of pets, it was never dull at our house.  So we can house sit, our son that lives in near us is going to care for our dogs. This is our first time to housesit, except for when we have for family and friends,   We can get you personal references from other people that know us and can vouch for our work ethic and moral character.  

Thank you so much for taking your time to read our profile.  I look forward to hearing back from you about what kind of house sitting job you have.  
Best regards,
Melissa Burford

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