House Sitter   Rosilyn Kinnersley

House Sitter Rosilyn Kinnersley

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Location:   Lake Gardens, Victoria, Australia

Age:   67

Experience:   7 yr 9 mo

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About Rosilyn Kinnersley:


Right now you have planned your holiday (or are in the midst of planning it) and concerned about your home and pets whilst you are away.

No doubt you are looking for a caring and responsible person who can follow your instructions and use common sense as well.

You want to enjoy your time away from your darlings and your home with peace of mind knowing that all is as it should be at home.

I understand how you feel and I invite you to read my bio below. If I fit your requirements, I would be thrilled to hear from you.

WHY I AM HOUSE SITTING: House sitting not only provides me with a roof over my head but also gives me a sense of purpose – caring for your animals and your home. I love my life as a house sitter as taking care of the homes and pets of others brings me enormous satisfaction and pleasure. I have always been the 'helper' and 'carer' person and looking after your pets and home means it is a win/win for both of us.

MY PHILOSOPHY: Your pets are as much your family as if they were human; your home is what you have worked to provide all your adult life. Both are precious, even priceless, to you. And perhaps your garden and lawns are your pride and joy, giving you sanctuary, beauty and tranquillity. I, too, appreciate these aspects and comforts of life, and I will ensure these elements in your life continue to flourish whilst you are away. You can be assured that your animals are being loved and cared for; your home is safe and respected; your garden is enjoyed, maintained and appreciated. You can embrace your away-time with peace of mind.

ABOUT ME: I am 60 years old and an alternative healthcare professional. My work is now mostly internet based so I work ‘at home’ wherever home may be. Except for shopping for necessities I am a bit of a home-body, so you can be assured your home will be lived in and loved.

Your pet/s are my top priority. I will be available pretty much all the time to give them the care, love and attention they deserve. I will conscientiously create a stress-free environment for them in your absence, maintaining their normal routines of, e.g., walks, feeding, cuddling, playing and sleep time.

Many people have told me that when they die they want to come back as my dog! They want to experience the heartfelt love, care, nurturing and pampering – yet with boundaries and loving discipline – that they had watched me shower on my own dogs! I guess that is as good a reference as any, really.

Whilst I have always had dogs, I also enjoy a deep love and respect for cats. I like nothing better than to switch off for a while with a cat curled on my lap or next to me. I find cats very relaxing and soothing and they have a special ‘it’ factor that endears them to me.

I was reared on the land and raised my children in the city. I am now a fully-retired wife and semi-retired mum. Except for working in NSW as a general farm hand in my 40s, (I have a healthy dose of experience with horses, cattle, sheep, goats, geese, ducks and chooks) I have always been professionally self-employed.

I am trustworthy, reliable and responsible with a terrific sense of humour. I am a clean, neat and tidy person by nature. My policy is to take care of people’s homes as if my own and I guarantee to leave your place the way I found it – or better. I will gladly take care of:

·       Looking after your home.

·       Feeding, walking/exercising and caring for your dog/s, cat/s and other animals.

·       Maintaining house security and a human presence in your home.

·       Forwarding mail and messages, and other communications as requested.

·      I am a private person and respect the privacy of others – I’m too excited and enthused living my own life to be bothered prying into others' lives!

Once I have committed to a house sitting agreement, I do not change my mind at the last minute, or disappear. I will turn up on the agreed day and will be there to greet you upon your return.

TIME PERIODS: I am open to short and long term house sitting arrangements anywhere in the vicinity of Tully (far north Qld) between Cairns and Townsville, Qld and between Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast during the winter months. For summer, south to Victoria in the Melbourne region. So north for winter, south for summer - works for me!

Reason: my daughter lives at Mission Beach and my son in Melbourne. With my house sitting life style I can be loosely around them each for six months of the year between them and retain my independence and life agenda.

I have a written agreement available for longer house sits if required and a helpful simple form you can fill in with the instructions and guidelines I need to ensure your pets and property are looked after to your standard. Neither are essential necessarily but I have them available if you would like them. I am also willing to engage in any additional written agreement you might require, and will supply police check and references upon request.

I absolutely love my life as a house sitter and I lead a simple though productive and very satisfying life. I have great appreciation and respect for you, your home and pets and I will take care of your home and pets with all the love and attention possible whilst you are away and they are in my care.

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