House Sitter   Dana Graham

House Sitter Dana Graham

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Location:   Berlin, Germany

Age:   25

Experience:   1 yr 11 mo

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About Dana Graham:

My name is Dana and I was born and raised in South Texas in a city right on the US-Mexican border. I've lived my whole life in a house that is loud, chaotic, and full of love. My mother, father, two older sisters, two cats, and two dogs make up the family that have taught me how to have the utmost patience in life, but also how to laugh the hardest. 

I recently graduated from university with a degree in cultural anthropology and dance performance and am currently based in Berlin, Germany. I'm an observant, attentive, free spirited, and independent girl who loves to listen to others speak and try new foods. iI have lived all over the United States as well as in Indonesia, the UK, and now Germany. I am a fluent English speaker and intermediate Spanish speaker with some working knowledge of French.

I would love to be your house sitter as I value giving back to others and the community and tending to things that need care. At home, I was the primary care giver of my parents and was responsible for cleaning the house, mopping the floors, doing the laundry regularly, cooking, and tending to the garden. A full time time job! Now that I live in Berlin, I would love to use my house tending skills to service others and their homes. I work well with cats, dogs, birds, and horses! 

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. 

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References 2

Diana Müler

Employer in Berlin, Germany

Dana is a most valued employee at our local cafe, Tut Gut. Since welcoming her to the team she has taken every opportunity to learn as much as possible and be of as much help as possible. Her duties as an employee at Tut Gut including preparing and cooking all of our food, opening up and managing our shop, ensuring that she shop is clean and up to standard, and interacting with our customers. She is always one step ahead of what needs to be done. Truly a hardworking and kind woman.

Date of Service Mar 11, 2022

Sydney Rushing

Acquaintance in Austin, Texas

In short, Miss Graham is a consummate professional. I have met very few students with such an extreme grasp of knowledge, creativity and a burning desire to succeed in life. Her moral compass guides her with every step she makes on her splendid journey towards more success. Dana is a born leader and a team player. She is proactive and volunteers to take on any assignment with enthusiasm. She understands the art of being a true team member and contributes to any project She breathes enthusiasm, dedication, diligence

Graciously, Sidney Rushing

Date of Service Feb 20, 2018