House Sitter   Lucia Carral

House Sitter Lucia Carral

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Location:   Mexico City, Mexico

Age:   41

Experience:   1 yr 9 mo

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About Lucia Carral:

Hello Home owners! 

My name is Lucia Carral I'm Mexican/Italian, so I have both passports and I speak 4 languages in case you need one of them, Spanish, English, Italian and French, I absolutely love pets... I've had dogs since I was born and then we got cats, snakes, tarantula, turtles, little chickens, Iguanas and about two months ago I lost my two hamsters. 

I'm single, 40 years old, I've written a book and I'm planning on writing a second one. If I had  an opportunity to take care of your pets, I'm not afraid of doing so. I've worked for different companies, but specially Public Relations and Media. I'm taking a break of my usual jobs, because I would love to travel anywhere I'm needed. I have had the chance to. Do so and that's why I loved this win-win deal. I live by myself so I'm  very neat, organized, and love to clean. I can assure you that when you get back home you'll find it just as you left it, and please message me for references. You won't regret giving me a chance. I can send you pictures of them so you don't miss them, Facetime any time...
Best regards,


Lucia Carral
(521) 5522194093

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