House Sitter   Shaé Leeuw

House Sitter Shaé Leeuw

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Location:   Gauteng, South Africa

Age:   20

Experience:   11 mo

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About Shaé Leeuw:

Hello. My name is Shaé Leeuw, I am turning 20 this year. I live on a small holding in Randfontein, Gauteng, South Africa.

After I matriculated I joined an evangelistic group called Abundant Life to do a gap year before getting more serious about studies. We mainly did evangelism at old age homes, prisons, orphanages, churches, rural settlements, as well as volunteer work at various SPCA institutions and wherever outreach was needed. 
I am currently busy with an online course in Psychology, and would like to explore a bit more whilst I am studying. I hope to further my studies in Psychology and have a career in this field one day. 

I strive to do well in everything I do and I have always been like this, even in school. I like new challenges, learning new things and meeting new people. In general I am easy going and quite down to earth. I think that while I am still young and without too many serious responsibilities, I would like to travel to other countries and learn as much about different cultures as I can. I encourage myself to have spontaneous moments but in general I am quite careful and cautious. Perhaps a bit of a perfectionist in some ways, but I believe that this can be seen as a positive thing most of the time.

I've been raised to be realistic and open and honest in life. I think being a Caretaker/Pet-sitter suits my personality. Animals have been part of my life forever!! My grandmother is an absolute animal fanatic, and does not only care for her own animals, but also helps rural or stray animals wherever she can. I am very comfortable with any animal, and have been around them all my life. We have quite a fair amount of animals currently, and luckily for us our property is nice and big and they can have the freedom and space they need to be as wild and happy as they want to be. 

For leisure I enjoy reading, watching movies and I love good food! I am interested in cooking but still have a lot to learn. I really think I would be a great choice for looking after your furr babies. I would make sure to follow and continue any set routines, take them for walks and having play time sessions. If you need someone honest and responsible, then I am the right person to look after your home. 

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