House Sitter   Lindsey Smith

House Sitter Lindsey Smith

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Location:   Culver City, California

Age:   47

Experience:   9 mo

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About Lindsey Smith:

I'm originally from Seattle, WA, and moved to Southern Oregon in December 2019. The pandemic put a lot of things into perspective and I have been traveling around since the end of May 2021 house/pet sitting for friends/family and also through Trusted House Sitters. I work remotely with a disaster relief consulting company so I can be anywhere as long as I have WiFi! So far I've sat in Washington, Oregon, and California meeting lots of new animals and their caretakers! From places with no pets to a whole farm/vineyard with 3 dogs, 2 cats, 7 goats, 2 sheep, a pig, chickens, and ducks! I grew up with lots of pets from dogs, lizards, birds, cats, turkeys even peacocks.... and 3 younger brothers, does that count? ;) So I tend to get along with most animals. I always treat people's homes with the utmost respect and value their space. I am vaccinated and it has been a rough time through this pandemic but I am making the best of it and treasure the time in all the new places I get to experience. I'm not sure where these adventures will take me next, perhaps eventually to the east coast or overseas (my passport is getting dusty). For now, I'm excited to see where the path leads! 

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