House Sitter   Kemi Dwyer

House Sitter Kemi Dwyer

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Location:   Middletown, New York

Age:   23

Experience:   4 mo

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About Kemi Dwyer:

Hello there! 

My name is Kemi and I've always wanted to try and find an interesting way for me to travel the world and meet new, friendly, and kind people while still doing what I love. Discovering House-Sitting was one of the best things I've encountered for myself and life! It allows me to stay creatively flexible as an artist, painter, and designer, while I experience the thrill of travel. I love to create spiritual art that moves and inspires you to feel something on a soulful level. House sitting gives me the perfect opportunity to find new and interesting things to be inspired by for my work, while looking after your lovely home for me to care to. I am PCA-certified and highly meticulous with cleaning. So if you have any elderly family members that you'd like me to look after, I'd be more than ready and happy to do so :). I also LOVE animals! Pets would be a joy to me if you happen to have any. I had a dog once, but now I have 2 cats-Milo and Diamond, who mean the world to me. I look forward to meeting you, and your lovely home.  

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