House Sitter   Leah Peker

House Sitter Leah Peker

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Location:   Brooklyn, New York

Age:   30

Experience:   8 mo

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About Leah Peker:

Hey there! Thanks for coming to my profile. Make yourself at home...

My name, as you've probably already gathered. As I write this, I'm approaching my 30th birthday.  I am an engineer, but taking a hiatus to build my startup.  I would love to care for your beautiful home and get to have a place to unwind and focus.

I am experienced with house-sitting and pet care.  I grew up with dogs and cats, so I'm well aware of their needs, and I absolutely love them.  I also have experience cat-sitting and dog-sitting.  Actually, this past week I was taking care of my neighbor's dog, a sweet little chihuahua mix named Jackson.

I also have a dog that will be coming with me.  He is a house-trained and mellow shih-tzu who does not shed and is hypoallergenic.  He is 12 years old now, so he spends most of his days sleeping.  He gets along well with other dogs!

I hope you've enjoyed reading my bio, and I hope we are the perfect match!

Can't wait to sit your house (and pets, if you've got them),

P.S. I don't smoke!

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References 3

Karen Maher

Homeowner in Clifton Park, New York

Leah watched the house, kept it tidy, dusted, cleaned weekly, and cared for our golden retriever, Ricky. Ricky loves to get lots of exercise, so daily walks and play are part of the schedule. The house was kept in great condition.

Date of Service Aug 8, 2020

Steve Reichwein

Employer in New York, New York

Leah is extremely competent and responsible. She was hand selected for extra training in our office for emergency situations. She received CPR and AED training, and led the emergency response group. She is hardworking, witty, and a great work companion.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2020

Dom Cruz

Acquaintance in San Francisco, California

Leah is a dear friend of mine. Her charm lights up a room. She is reliable and trust-worthy, so I know I can count on her when I need someone to help me out. She is an amazing dog mom, and when I finally get my own dog I'll definitely be calling her to dog sit!

Date of Service Jun 1, 2019