House Sitter   Cindy You

House Sitter Cindy You

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Location:   Rowville, Australia

Age:   25

Experience:   10 mo

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About Cindy You:

I work full time remotely so all you will need to provide is wi-fi. 

I'm tidy, love to cook & bake and enjoy the odd gardening. 
I love to work out 5 days/week, I enjoy a good book in my down time. 
I am regularly trying to improve myself by learning new things i.e personal development, marketing, arts, social media management etc 
I have no criminal history, pets or children.

I decided to give house sitting a go to earn a little extra income, travel to new places and meet new furry friends as I have a soft spot for all animals. 

I hope you will give me an opportunity to look after your beloved home whilst you travel or work away. In me, you will have a loving & trusting person to look after your home. 

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References 1

Brandon Randall

Acquaintance in Melbourne, Australia

3 bedroom townhouse . Cooked daily, cleaned & repaired any maintenance issues.
Did the laundry and repaired the harden (trimmed hedges & killed weeds)
All this whilst working a full time job in Sales

Date of Service Nov 30, 2019