House Sitter   Robert Rispoli

House Sitter Robert Rispoli

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Location:   Jersey City, New Jersey

Age:   28

Experience:   11 mo

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About Robert Rispoli:

Hey everyone, hope youre doing well. My names Rob Rispoli and im 27 years old. This is something ive been interested in for many years now. I am a refrigeration mechanic for PNCT, im an amateur boxer and an avid back country hiker. I live in Jersey City NJ at the Dvora Art House in a 1 bedroom, and im from Sparta NJ where my family lives. I have created this account because i have a great life and a great job, but that doesnt seem to be doing it for me. There are many opportunities that i dont have the time for now , and i also come to California every year . There is alot of progress and opportunity out West. Im incredibly meticulous and clean, if only you could see my place you'd know to what extent. Personally speaking i would treat your homes the way i would want mine to be treated, with absolute respect. I work hard and i do what i say im going to do. I have high quality taste and expectations and i apologize for how that may sound but i just want you all to know who will be watching your home. Im available to contact any time and i greatly appreciate your consideration. Hope to hear from you

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References 3

Victoria Rispoli

Acquaintance in Sparta, New Jersey

This is my sister, she can vouche for my cleanliness and attwntiveness.

Date of Service Jun 5, 2019

Dvora Art House

Homeowner in Jersey City, New Jersey

This is where i have resided for the last 3 years, they can attest for how i live and maintain property.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017

Peter Crossman

Employer in Newark, New Jersey

This is a man i work side by side with for mqny years sharing a management position. He can attest for everything

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017