House Sitter   Goda Kairiukstyte

House Sitter Goda Kairiukstyte

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Location:   Vilnius, Lithuania

Age:   25

Experience:   8 mo

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About Goda Kairiukstyte:

Hi :) I am a Lithuanian 24 year-old with a First Class Graphic Design B.A. from Kingston University in London and a boyfriend David with whom I am in a relationship for the past 8 years. I do work online - I have an account on Fiverr where I create logos and do freelance remote graphic design work, mainly branding. 

Both me and my boyfriend grew up in big houses which we had to take care of whilst our busy parents travelled the World. Looking after the staff (cleaners, gardeners), the pool, binning - all the basic stuff to make sure that they arrive to the house they have left. They have never been disappointed so far!
But for potential owners, I catch up with things very quickly so don't hesitate if my experience seems short - I will do a great job. In addition, I grew up in OCD Clean family so while I love nature, and a laid-back lifestyle, tidiness is what I know and value. 
Most importantly, I am a legit person who is just looking to change her environment. I do not drink alcohol, I don't smoke, and honestly, I haven't been to a party in very long. 

I have created this account just for myself but I am pretty sure if I will be considered, my boyfirend would love to join. He is 29 years old, does beatbox professionally, has a degree in Advertising but never seemed to love it, and has a Lithuanian Youtube channel where he talks psychology/philosophy related subjects and wants to pursue this career-wise. He also doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, loves to exercise and meditate. 

I am new to this website and it is the only website I have created account so I am not sure how exactly the process goes, but if I would be someone you consider, I would love to have at least a short conversation through video to get to know each other. 

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