House Sitter   Raul Aguado

House Sitter Raul Aguado

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Location:   Salamanca, Spain

Experience:   7 mo

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About Raul Aguado:

We are a young couple, Raul and Lorena, that love pets and willing to house sit and meet new people as our jobs are 100% online so we are free to go wherever we want.

I used to work as engineer and now as a coach and trader and Lorena has her own online business.
Due to COVID we accept moving around Spain and Portugal for the moment but willing to go to any nice place to meet new people and new places soon!

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Santiago Hernandez

Homeowner in Salamanca, Spain

Raul and Lorena took care of my house with chicken and ducks. They took care of the house, garden for some months.
Thanks both!

Date of Service Jan 1, 2020