House Sitter   Gail Rines

House Sitter Gail Rines

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Location:   Morristown, Tennessee

Age:   56

Experience:   9 mo

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About Gail Rines:

I love animals!! I love travel and I love kids! I am a Guidance Counselor at a Middle School so I have 720 kids. Really, I have two grown kids a daughter and a son who are on their own now. I live on a farm with my sweet little husband ,of almost 30 years, He is also an animal lover. I have taken care of all kinds of domestic and farm animals. My husband calls them lawn ornaments, because we don’t use our farm animals for anything but to look at and love! I adore my dogs Boone and Marley! Boone is a mini labradoodle and Marley a Shepard lab mix. I also have a fat cat, Garfield and a new cat Ali, who my daughter found out in the cold. We have two barn cats Boo and Barney. I have also had birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, mini and regular pigs, goats, sheep, mini donkeys and horses, Silkies and chickens, ducks, geese, and fish. You will never see me without an animal!! My friends call me an animal whisperer! Also, in being a guidance counselor, which I love, I have to exhibit patience and great understanding. I am the same with animals. I have used animals in therapy when I worked as a therapist. Also, due to working in a school system we have to have back ground checks. So hopefully that will give you some peace of mind.🤗 In addition I have been a house sitter and animal sitter thru Trusted House Sitters.

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Date of Service Jun 19, 2019