House Sitter   Hannah Howansky

House Sitter Hannah Howansky

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Location:   Long Beach, California

Age:   24

Experience:   10 mo

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About Hannah Howansky:

Hello! My name is Hannah Howansky and I graduated with my BA in finance this past Fall. I am currently Interning at a bank with promise for a full-time position when things get back to normal due to Covid. However, I am seeking to save up to buy my first house. Till i'm able to buy a house, I am open to any opportunity to save on having to pay rent. I am a clean person, responsible, smoke free, and pet friendly. I'm willing to help around the house as much as needed and love cleaning, organizing, and gardening. Please feel free to reach out to me. If you want a quick response, my phone number is 661-802-9185.

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Hannah Howansky

Homeowner in Quartz Hill, California

I moved back in with my parents for a bit after college but since they are far from where I work, I'll need a place to stay that is closer to Orange County or Los Angeles. While at my parents house, I cleaned and organized every storage closet that is in their home; I make food for my grandma who has Alzheimers; I clean the kitchen and any daily duties that come with it; I cook for the whole family and washed their windows

Date of Service Mar 25, 2020