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House Sitter Laura T

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Location:   Pasadena, California

Age:   50

Experience:   11 mo

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About Laura T:


Adores Animals/Writes Books/Travels/Happy Soul/Experience Pet Sitting/Thoughtful/Kind Adventuresome/NonSmoking/Fit/Active


Hi!  I am finishing up and launching my first book on health.  (I can include my website on my project in our communications if you want to know more).  I adore animals.  I love to travel.  This is a perfect fit for me.

I thrive in peaceful environments.  I meditate.  I am a Master in 2 healing arts.  I feel animals choose us, they are special souls.  Animals seem to enjoy my calm energy.  Pet sitting gives me fur therapy while I write and travel.  This fits my life now.  The one thing I miss when traveling is pets!

I hated boarding my pets at the vet when I traveled and worked big jobs.  I disliked leaving them behind while on my adventures.  This is a brilliant service to alleviate the stress by leaving your special soul in their home with supervision.  I can provide a stream of pet-selfies to give you comfort and updates on the status of the affairs in the house if preferred.  Mail is picked up, packages received.  Because I spent years as a Global Business Development Director boarding my pets, I understand what is needed when traveling.  I am happy to provide these services so you can truly enjoy your travels.

I am a non-smoker/non-drugs individual who respects others' homes.

I am also fit and active.  I love the beach and I enjoy walks.

I have a pet-sitting experience.  I pet sat for an adorable Yorkshire Terrier several times, once while his owners reached the Sumit of Mt. Kilimanjaro and in NOLA for a sly indoor/outdoor Garfield-ish kitty.  I've sat for 2 large boxers that I walked together (hello biceps) and an adorable poodle/terrier mix pup and I am familiar with labs too.  I also worked at my friend's parents' bed and breakfast outside of Boston during summers.  I cleaned the rooms, greeted guests, and often made breakfast.  This experience, as well as typically being the one who travels and boarded pets, allows me to understand how to provide a great experience for you.

I grew up with pets.  My family rehabbed and re-homed abandoned pets.  I rescued a baby robin bird as a 9-year old, dug worms for it nightly.  We also had horses across the street from our house and I used to feed them apples and carrots all the time.  I adore horses.  I asked to go horseback riding every family vacation.  I love horses.      

I adore Siamese cats.  I was a pet parent of many Siamese and a Ragdoll kitty.  Siamese cats are more like dogs.  Sadie, my chocolate point, used to walk on a lead and growl at the doorbell.  She actually walked with the Yorkie I watched - they were so cute together, her tall and slim, him squat and fluffy.  She also greeted people in Grand Central Station on her trips upstate.  Sky, my blue point therapy-cat Siamese, tried to gnaw on window sills before he got dog chew toys and chew training.  Siamese kitties need to be trained, they are very intelligent.  Mine knew several commands (like calm and gentle), they stopped when I asked and got down on command.  People often commented that they were the most well-trained, loving kitties. :) 

I miss having my own pets, but with my travel, it would not be fair to own a pet.   Having been a traveling, devoted pet parent, allows me to understand how to be a good pet sitter.  So you can really enjoy your work travel or your break from everyday life.

Also, I am a minimalist with too much stuff, so I have absolutely no interest in your stuff.  I had things go missing over the years with all the house cleaners, movers, and packers, moving across the country for my career, so I want to reassure you.  Also, I believe in karma, so there is no reward for wonky behavior.

I've also been specializing in long term pet sits one with the pet parent working on intense work projects away for weeks - months at a time (Malibu & Pasadena).  I have monitored health closely, as I would for my own fuzzy babies, and I have communicated & then taken furry clients to the vet even to address a worsening cold.  I like long term and repeat sits.  All relationships deepen.  It reduces the stress among my fuzzy clients, as they know me.  

I am also very open to understanding what you need to feel comfortable with.  I am happy to make a list of tasks for the pet and for the house.  I can provide updates, as appropriate.  I know when I had a pet sitter, I often asked for photos because it gave me peace of mind. And I am happy to provide that to you as well!  :)  Looking forward to meeting you! :)

Quick FAQs:
I prioritize pets first.  I love walks/the beach.  I am very active/fit.  
I do not text or talk on the phone when I walk your pet.  My focus is on your pet/our walk.
I am a solo sitter.  I do not have other people over to the pet sit home. It's just me.
I adore cats, dogs, horses, and many other warm fuzzies (plus fish).
I do not have my own pets now.  I am doing this for fur therapy/great writing buddies!
I teach meditation, creating calm in people and I find it transfers to animals.
I prefer to keep the house/apartment tidy, aired out, laundry is done, trash clear, plants watered and shoes outside (better feng shui, energy, & flow for writing).
I am gaining more experience with private pools/hot tubs (filters, aqua link ap, etc.).  
After the pets are walked/cared for, I write, research, interview on-line, sometimes I teach meditation.  I plan my outings around meeting pet's needs. :)
I have my own car in the U.S. mainland.  I use public transit when flying into town.
Safe parking of the car is important to me :)
I travel lots & book up quickly.  Updates on your selection process help me to plan - thanks :)

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References 5

Carrie A

Homeowner in Santa Barbara, California

Laura is extremely conscientious and attentive. She took terrific care of my two cats--including giving meds and providing soothing music :). Packages and mail were received and the house was left neat.

Date of Service Dec 22, 2019

Catelin K

Homeowner in Stuido City, California

Laura was truly a gift to me and my pup Pancake. She embodies “going above and beyond.” She was clean, considerate and truly left my apartment nicer than I left it. She even planted me a rosemary sprig when she saw one of my own plants was dying! She was communicative, easygoing, kind, and very reliable. I would highly recommend Laura and am truly grateful for her excellent house sitting service!

Date of Service Oct 24, 2019

Erika A

Homeowner in Kapeoli, Hawaii

Laura is wonderful! Don’t hesitate for a second to reach out to her if you are looking for a pet sitter/house sitter. We came home to a clean house and happy cats! Thanks so much Laura!

Date of Service Dec 24, 2018

Sioban M

Homeowner in Manhattan Beach, California

Laura was great! She took great care of Stanley and left the house clean.

Date of Service Nov 20, 2018

Kim T

Homeowner in Dana Point, California

Laura was such a delight! I was away on travel cross country and had the opportunity to extend my trip a few more days if I found another sitter. Laura reached out to communicate long distance at the last minute and we made everything happen for her to takeover the sit that week. It was a seamless transition with the existing sitter and the pups adapted to Laura well. She communicated daily with pictures and videos and never hesitated to ask questions about Bandit and Bella. Laura made an effort to go above and beyond by playing special music for Bella who can have anxious tendencies being a rescue pup. My flight was delayed coming home and Laura stayed to be sure my pups were comfortable until I finally returned home. Laura and I remain friends to this day.

Date of Service Nov 15, 2018