House Sitter   Hannah Weidner

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House Sitter Hannah Weidner

Location:   Granite City, Illinois

Age:   20

Experience:   4 mo

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About Hannah Weidner:

Hey!! I’m Hannah and I just recently enrolled myself into online college classes to pursue the career of my dreams (psychology - I like to try to understand and support everyone in any way that I can), but need a side gig to help fund my everyday expenses and maybe even help with outrageous school funds. My goal here is to build a fun, trustworthy, genuine relationship with families and/or individuals who could use an extra hand while they are busy or unable to tend to their animals and everyday tasks. If I had to describe myself in three words when it comes to caring for other people and their possessions, I would say I am definitely open-minded, detail-oriented and respectful. Everyone deserves stress-free vacation time or extra help when they are unavailable and I’m here to assist you!

I have cared for all different kinds of animals since I was just a little girl whether they were my own, a friends, or family members (fish, ferrets, rabbits, lizards, dogs, cats, etc). Every pet is different - some require more than others physically and emotionally, but to me they all deserve the same love and shouldn’t ever stress because their everyday routine is thrown off. No owner should have to worry about their fur baby (or scaly baby) being in danger or not properly cared for because they aren’t around for the time being. I will go above and beyond to make sure your pet is clean, well fed, and overall in loving hands. 
When it comes to house sitting, I am proficient in pretty much every aspect - cleaning, security (keeping house locked), taking care of any personal errands (collecting mail, relaying messages), shopping for necessities, outdoor maintenance, occasional odd jobs, etc. Growing up, cleaning for me was not looked at like a chore. Now that I’m moved out, my mom will offer me money to come over and clean. She even has friends she refers me to and I’ve successfully cleaned their homes for a few extra bucks. I’ve also worked cleaning and gutting apartments and okay to get my hands dirty. 
When it comes to personal belongings, I have no desire to rummage through things that do not belong to me. People I have known my whole life and trusted with my life have taken things from me whether it was a nickel, some clothes, or thousands of dollars in jewelry and electronics. I’ve always been taught that you will make it nowhere in life if you think it’s okay to bite the hand that’s feeding you because in the end you are only going to hurt yourself when that source cuts you off completely. 
General house sitting and pet sitting are things I’m familiar with in a lot of ways. I am sure there are some tasks people want done at their homes that I didn’t mention, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it or won’t do it. Do not be afraid to ask me your specific wants and/or needs as I will answer honestly if I can or can’t complete what it is you are asking to be done. Pay is negotiable and up to what the owner of the house desires to be done. Some additional fees may be added for extra work but can also be negotiated. Being a woman in my early 20s does not stop me from doing jobs that elders and men are capable of doing. Overnight stay is completely up to the owner. 
Feel free to inbox with any further questions about me and what I can do so we can work out something that benefits us both in one way or another! I prefer to be provided with expectations and rules so that we are on the same page. Also, I feel it’s necessary to check in with the home owner once or twice daily at least. My word is yours that things will run as smoothly as they would if you were present in your home while I’m there and when you return it will be in the same or better condition than it was when you left. 

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Meredith Gunderson

Homeowner in Woodriver, Illinois

I have helped Meredith numerous times in the past 6 or so years. I’ve taken care of her children, done grocery shopping, general cleaning duties, etc. I stayed in her house and drove her car.

Date of Service May 1, 2016