House Sitter   Lana Sorrento

House Sitter Lana Sorrento

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Location:   Capri, Na, Italy

Age:   51

Experience:   3 yr 5 mo

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About Lana Sorrento:


We know what it’s like to leave your home, personal items and cherished pets to an unknown person. We used to experience exactly what you go through when you decide to leave your four-legged family members behind.  3 horses, 5 pygmy goats, 1 dog, 3 cats, 3 bunnies and 1 baby doll sheep meant finding two special people who would love them and keep them safe as well as keeping our home as clean as they found it.  Our experience defined what qualities were important in a sitter and that's who we strive to be for you

We believe we are the consummate pet lovers for the job

 Owning a 200 acre (81 hectares) remote mountain farm estate 1.6 km from the nearest neighbour and 35 minutes to the nearest town meant we absolutely needed to be self-sufficient, know how to handle emergencies, and be constantly vigilant to ensure our animals remained safe.  Whether saving Jack’s (border collie) life from a mountain lion attack or safely removing a large, thorny stick from deep in the throat of a choking, 430 kg. horse, our cool heads and first aid training always came through.  Medical training is important but is most critical to be able to think quickly and sensibly in any emergency.  This can only be learned by experience and we have it.

On our farm estate, tending gardens and apple orchards were part of everyday life.  Our remote location meant repairing almost everything ourselves as well as sometimes doing our own construction.

A tough decision

Our pets were family and our decision to expand our lives and live in the Mediterranean was a difficult one but it has turned out to be right for us.  On our 20th year wedding anniversary, we began selling everything we owned in North Carolina NC and Key Largo, FL.  We now live in Capri, Italy and Malta.  For the last three years, we have travelled as often as possible but that’s not the only reason we are pet sitters.

Three-part pet sitting

#1 – Hands on love with your pets and getting our furry fix!

We hope your pets will love it, but we miss our pets so much and it’s important for us to fulfil our need to give squeezes and hugs.     

#2 - Experiencing a local perspective.  

For us, pet sitting allows us to experience the world from a bigger perspective.  We believe experiencing a sense of community in other cultures makes us better global citizens.  Knowing what it’s really like to eat, sleep, speak and go to market in a different culture nourishes our lives. 

#3 - Ensuring you remain worry-free

It’s important to us that you enjoy your time away from home and have learned that frequent reports of our activities with your pet family are an important part of maintaining your confidence.

Past careers

Both of us have a background as executives in health-related professions including integrative health clinics, a mountain health retreat facility and the phyto-pharmaceutical industry which demanded the highest standards of cleanliness and compliance.

 Loving our work now

Three years ago we both  developed new careers - Lana is a writer and a possibilities coach.  (   WG is currently is a composer and jazz pianist. (

The nature of our work provides the opportunity to do it anywhere on the planet. Siince we only work at home, that means your pets enjoy more company.

Loving our play

We are very, very active and in excellent health. We are both sailors (Beneteau Oceanis 281) and believe sailing helped us develop a greater sense of situational awareness and contributed to understanding the need for good preparation.   Frequent 10-12 km hikes, sea kayaking and tennis 2-3 times a week keep us young.  T’ai Qi and Qi Gong serve our minds, bodies and spirits as a daily cultivation.  We drink wine in moderation. We enjoy cooking and have become know for our great dinner parties.   We have never smoked. 

 Social Responsibility

We are sincere regarding our social responsibilities and have founded, and currently direct non-profit entities in both the US and in Malta.. ( )


We are well-known for how well we cared for our animals and many of our friends and relatives begged us to let them bring their pets to our farm when they travelled.  

This grew over several decades providing a lot of experience that has since proved useful and also provided excellent credibility when we began pet sitting in other people’s homes.  We've had almost every type of sitting you could imagine. Farm animals, puppies, pregnant pets, fish, horses, special needs animals and pets needing medications.  We have great references and pet owners who will personally communicate with you.


We are currently enjoying a slow exploration of Europe.  We are very interested in returning to Rome as often as possible.  Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam are certainly in our sights for 2020.  We are at home in big cities as well as quiet locations.

When are we available?

We are reliable candidates for last minute assignments and consider all pet sitting dates.  We live six months each in Capri, Italy and Malta and easily travel from either location.

Next steps

We value opportunities that lead to a growing friendship and do our best to initiate an open process that leads to the advantage for both parties to determine suitable merit.

 We find it best to Sykpe or Zoom and begin a personal conversation prior to either of us arriving at a decision.  

An important consideration is trust in keeping the commitment.  As soon as we are in agreement for the assignment and we purchase transportation tickets, we will send you a copy of the tickets and other travel arrangements.  We ask that you respect our investment.

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