House Sitter   Melody Cutting

House Sitter Melody Cutting

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Location:   Cassopolis, Michigan

Age:   24

Experience:   3 yr 4 mo

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About Melody Cutting:

Hello homeowners! My name is Melody but you can call me Mel. I am a young creative who loves to travel. As an individual, you could describe me as clean, trustworthy, responsible, and honest. I am located in SW Michigan but I am happy and willing to travel to your house to take care of it while you're gone; I love visiting new places! I already said that I love to travel but here are some other things I enjoy: animals, nature, music, art, experiencing new cultures, learning, and meeting new people.

If your home is not located in SW Michigan, I can only do live-in house sits for you. Also, only with the home owner's approval, I will bring my dog, Leo, to provide extra security for your home and myself. Leo is a neutered, house-trained Rottweiler. I am aware of the bad reputation that Rottweilers have but Leo is not aggressive. He weighs in at 115 lbs and is very intimidating (great for security) but a total sweetheart. He would never hurt anyone unless they were attacking him or me. No extra charge nor discount for bringing Leo. He's my buddy and is happy to help protect your home. My prices for house sitting depend on how far I must travel, length of stay, and what chores you need me to perform during your time away from home. We will discuss the terms of my services before you leave home and I will provide a contract listing everything we agreed upon for both of us to sign.

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