House Sitter   Andrea & Hans E

House Sitter Andrea & Hans E

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Location:   Los Angeles, California

Age:   33

Experience:   11 mo

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About Andrea & Hans E:


  I am Andrea and my husband is Hans. Originally, I am from Austin, Texas and Hans is from Hamburg,Germany. We love to travel and meet new people. Both of us grew up having wonderful dogs as a part of our families and right now my sister has the sweetest dog, "Shadow" who we adore. Because we travel we don't have our own dog right now, but we would love to help you take care of your precious family member. :-) 
*A bonus to us housesitting as a couple is that  we can work as a team and guarantee being there the hours you need us to stay at your home and cater to your needs. Other times it might just be one of us. 
*Several times I have been a house sitter for families and couples where I watched their pets, and plants while maintaining the cleanliness and safety of their homes during their time away. 
*We were both raised in homes where we were taught to respect other people's things and treat them as if they were our own or even better. We continue to stay true to these values today.


(I love cats but do have an allergy so unfortunately if you have cats I can't house-sit for you)


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Nils Haase

Acquaintance in Leipzig, Germany

We lived at our friend's apartment and watered his balcony and indoor plants. Maintained cleanliness of his home.

Date of Service Jun 1, 2018

Charles Hulse

Employer in Lewisport, Kentucky

Lived at my grandfather's small farm for 2 1/2 years and ran his household while he was bed ridden. Ran errands, cared for 10 chickens, and our Great-Pyrenees, Barney. I was also in charge of organizing health care workers to work along side me.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2016

Laura Lansing

Acquaintance in Austin, Texas

Lived at my friend's parents home and cared for their 5 pets while they were away. I love their 2 black labs, Lilly and Baxter! I fed the animals, walked them, and played with them. I also did light house cleaning.

Date of Service Nov 24, 2015

Carrie Mohan

Homeowner in Austin, Texas

Cared for the family's home while they were on vacation.
Fed, played with, and walked their adorable dog, Lambeau (Green Bay Packers fans)

Date of Service Jun 1, 2015

Mary Mathis

Homeowner in Austin, Texas

Lived at this family's home while they were on vacation. Cared for 3 pets and did light house cleaning while they were away.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2015