House Sitter   Rachael Elseman

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House Sitter Rachael Elseman

Location:   Bixby, Oklahoma

Age:   31

Experience:   8 mo

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About Rachael Elseman:

My husband, Zach, and myself are adventure loving explorers. About a year ago we quite our 9-5 desk jobs and have been on the road ever since. We love traveling and meeting new people. The world is full of new experiences and we plan on enjoying as much of it as we can. 
We are responsible and hard working. 

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References 2

Vic Heister

Homeowner in Bixby, Oklahoma

Looked after animals, dogs, cats, horses and chickens as well as regular house maintenance. Great!

Date of Service Oct 1, 2018

Zach Elseman

Homeowner in Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Homeowner, took care of maintenance and cleaning. Looked after one dog.

Date of Service Apr 1, 2014