House Sitter   Annette Grant

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House Sitter Annette Grant

Location:   Shoreline, Washington

Age:   59

Experience:   1 yr 7 mo

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About Annette Grant:

Assuring You Peace of Mind From a Trustworthy, Responsible, and Mature Sitter

You will find that I am an exceptionally honest, trustworthy, and competent mature lady ready to care for your home and pets with great respect for your privacy and gentle care of your belongings.

I’m very responsible, competent to handle any situation, and not one to panic needlessly.  Being capable of handling small home repairs on my own, you can be assured that your home and pet(s) are going to be well cared for, and any emergency handled with logic and reason.

As a non-smoker and infrequent to minimal drinker of alcohol, I would not be causing damage to your home and environment. It is no problem to abstain entirely from drinking alcohol in your home if you make that request. I do not use recreational drugs.

Your home will be kept clean and orderly, your pets treated with affection and tender care, and all of your property kept as safe as possible.

My interests include photography, artwork, cooking, and gardening.  

Pets and wildlife have always brought great pleasure, so I enjoy caring for others when possible.  My experience ranges from cats, dogs, birds, fish (tanks and ponds), horses, and a few times the odd cow, sheep, pig, and fowl.

I’m in a position where I am able to stay abroad, or away from my hometown, for several months at a time and seek to house sit in private residences around the world.   I enjoy international travel, seeing new places, and immersing myself in cultures; I find it is most enjoyable to spend extended periods in one location where I can more fully appreciate the area, it’s history and culture, while meeting and building a good rapport with locals and other visitors.

I’m very caring and competent; trustworthy beyond reproach, while being mature and intelligent enough to be adaptable and  resourceful in most any circumstance. 

I’ve had extensive experience with caring for others pets and homes while they are away on vacations over many years; starting when I was a teenager and providing my services to friends, family, and acquaintances through out the years.  Even providing pet care on a daily basis for local owners. 

My career in accounting and business management put me in positions requiring a high degree of honesty, responsibility, and competence.  I’ve been rewarded for my integrity by the trust and confidence business owners have shown in me.
(References available from former clients, business owners, and trustworthy friends.)

You, your home, and any pets, will be treated with great respect and care.  

My calm demeanor, thoughtfulness, warmth, and generosity will ease your mind and allow you to feel confident, as we communicate, that I will be looking out for your best interests.

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References 5

Celia Heron

Homeowner in Portland, Oregon

2017, 2018, and upcoming sits in 2019: House and kitty sitting in NE Portland. Responsible for the cats welfare, maintaining a watering schedule for the extensive gardens, and reporting on contractor progress on exterior living spaces.

Date of Service Jul 23, 2017

Jeff Klein

Homeowner in Seattle, Washington

Spring 2016 and January to February 2017:
Stayed in their North Seattle home for extended vacations, cared for their gardens, bird feeders, handled mail, and kept them updated on work done on their home by contractors. No pets, just keeping their lovely home safe and secure.

Date of Service May 25, 2016

Nour Chida

Homeowner in Seattle, Washington

Sits in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Caring for their home, plants, exterior gardens, and two sweet kitties with special needs.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2016

Ron Shea

Homeowner in Seattle, Washington

1 August to 31 October 2015: Annette watched over our beloved Phoebe and Merika for almost 3 months and we couldn't be more pleased! She was great about keeping in contact and alerting us to any problems/questions and took care to watch over everything as we would have. She is a kind, caring person who clearly loves animals and gives them the attention they desire. She was especially helpful with adjusting to our open-ended travel schedule which allowed us to take advantage of opportunities not planned for while out of the country. We recommend her without reservation and know she will do a fine job for whoever is lucky enough to have her.

8 to 31 May 2015: Annette has looked after our little dog and our cat on several occasions and has been an excellent housesitter. She is conscientious and caring and has been a great companion to our pets while we are away. We highly recommend her for your next assignment!

Other dates in 2014 & 2016.

Date of Service Aug 1, 2015

Wendy Millican

Homeowner in Beaumont-du-perigord, France

I met Annette only the day before we left for our two week holiday, I found her very easy to get on with and she was very capable handling Beau (a young 40kg German Shepherd x Rottie). When we returned the house was fine and cupboards well stocked, the cat was happy and the dog ecstatic. Beau really did make a connection with her and was sorry to see her go. Annette was my very first housesitter, I didn't know what to expect, she gave us a good experience, I thoroughly recommend her and hope to see her again.

Date of Service May 15, 2014